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By Jenny Silverstone Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t keep exercising. Exercise is as good for you during pregnancy as it was during your pre-pregnancy days. The key to staying fit during pregnancy is knowing your limits and doing it safely. Luckily, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Check out this infographic by for all the information you need to know to get started. It Helps You Deal With Your Emotions and More Pregnancy is a mixed bag of nuts — your emotions will be all over the place. You’ll be happy, sad, scared, and worried, sometimes all within the span of just a few minutes. Exercise can help you deal with your whirlwind of feelings in a healthy way. It’s a great stress buster and improves your mood in just minutes. But exercise can do more than that — it also helps your baby boost their brain power and have a better birth weight, can toughen you up for labor, and it can help you whip back into shape post-pregnancy much faster. Follow the Basic Rules of Safe Exercise As with anything else, exercising while pregnant does carry some risk, but so does not exercising at all. By following our 15 safety tips we mention in our infographic, you’ll keep reaping the benefits of exercise while reducing a lot of the risk. One of the chief rules is to not go from zero to hero. If you didn’t do much exercise before you were pregnant, you should work your way up slow and steady now. Our infographic will let you know all the other rules you should follow to ensure you’re doing everything as safely as possible. Know What You Shouldn’t Do Half the battle to safely exercising is knowing which ones you should avoid at which points in your pregnancy. For instance, while bike riding is perfectly safe in your first trimester, you really need to avoid it in later pregnancy. The risk of falling and injuring your baby is too great to make it worth the risk, especially as your balance may be off in later pregnancy. Everyone Can Find a Workout They Enjoy For some women, the best workouts are the ones that are fun. Whether you’re walking with a buddy while catching up on each other’s lives, or you’re jumping around in your own living room to a cardio DVD, exercise doesn’t have to be intimidating or serious. All you have to do is move that body just a few minutes a day so both you and your baby will have a healthy pregnancy experience.

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