Women repeat their morning makeup routines every single day of the week, often doing the same techniques and looks over and over again. When it comes to their brows, many customers go to the salon on a regular basis to keep them expertly waxed, threaded or shaped. These grooming routines can start to feel exhausting, especially when dealing with a busy schedule and other common stresses. This is why customers are skipping temporary beauty fixes in favor of enhancements and treatments that last much longer than an afternoon.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Temporary makeup products are gels, powders, glosses, balms and creams that can be easily removed after the initial application—they are only meant for a short-time use and require frequent reapplication. A coat of lipstick is temporary because it comes off from smudging, eating, drinking and kissing, and needs to be reapplied to keep looking pristine. On the other hand, permanent and semi-permanent makeup is an application that is expected to have long-lasting results — the range of these results can be between a few weeks and a few years, depending on what enhancement is performed. Many salons prefer using the term semi-permanent makeup because the effects don’t last forever—the customer is not making a decision that they will have to live with for the rest of their life.

Here is a brief list of examples of semi-permanent makeup:

  • Mascara
  • Microbladed brows
  • Brow and lash tints

How Can Beauty Professionals Offer Semi-Permanent Enhancements?

If salon and spa professionals want to include these semi-permanent enhancements on their list of services, they should immediately sign up for training courses. The top-tier company Lashforever Canada has been teaching workers in the beauty industry new, trendy and innovative services to keep up with customer needs. These intensive training courses can cover popular makeup treatments like semi-permanent mascara and eyebrow microblading. The courses offer hands-on learning experience, essential theory, customer service advice and testing — a passing grade will result in certification proving that customers should be confident attending your salon.

Why Do Customers Want These Enhancements?

Customers are drawn to semi-permanent makeup procedures because of the long-lasting results that they offer. Semi-permanent mascara only needs to be reapplied after two weeks—this is a relief in comparison to a store-bought mascara that sometimes needs reapplication multiple times in a day. In a more extreme case, microbladed eyebrows can typically last for one to three years before the pigment fades. Semi-permanent enhancements are convenient and low-maintenance solutions for customers who are tired of keeping up with their makeup and grooming routines.

The average customer doesn’t want to fill in their eyebrows every single morning or reapply their mascara several times a day. They want a one-stop solution that will make them look and feel polished all day and night — better yet, they want the solution to last for weeks and months after putting it on. Savvy beauty professionals can encourage these women to skip the temporary touches and go for an enhancement with endurance.

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