Living on less cash is all too often seen as a trade-off between luxuries and being economical. The logic goes that if you spend less money, you’ll have less of a good time – and you’ll be forced to use products or adapt to life in a way that stops you from living well. But that’s not always the case. If you spend smart, using the internet for research, and bearing in mind that deals are on offer, you can live well for a lot less cash. This article aims to tool you up with those methods, helping you live a more opulent lifestyle without spending money.

Deal Sites

One of the biggest lightning rods for the thrifty on the internet is the deal site. Replete with luxury goods at discounted rates, or special experiences going for half price, these are brilliant places to browse if you’re looking for that taste of luxury for less. There are several international sites, and then you’ll find local websites too that cater to your city or state. So whether you’re looking for a brand new TV at a cut-price rate or a track day in a single-seater race car, deal sites are a great place to find them for the lowest price possible.


There are several ways to take advantage of discounts. You can search for voucher codes on the internet, which you can copy and paste into the checkout section of websites. Or you can download an app that collects voucher codes for you and tries them in the code box at checkout automatically. You can search for discounted goods on price comparison websites or by searching by price on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Just bear in mind to take a look at the reviews as well as the low prices you’re shown.


Some areas of your life offer rewards for behavior that is deemed beneficial for you and the company you’re engaging with. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you may be able to secure a lower health insurance premium. If you have driven a car for many years without incident, it’s likely that car insurance Colorado Springs CO will offer you a cut-price rate to reward your safety on the roads. And if you shop at the same shop each week, you’ll get rewards that you can cash in at the store, getting a weekly shop for free.


You’ll purchase some goods that you may actually be able to make for cheaper at home. One of them that most people indulge in is coffee: for a few bucks, you can buy high-quality coffee at home, but a few bucks will get you just a single coffee in a cafe. So thinking about these things and where you choose to purchase them could help you drastically reduce your expenditure while enjoying the very same lifestyle – or the very same coffee.

There you have it: four ways in which you can live well by spending less cash in the coming weeks and months.



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