The Philadelphia Eagles just took one on the chin against their rivals, the New York Giants and first-year coach, Doug Pederson offered up the only words a loser can. “Trusting the Process”.

Does he not know or understand the history of those words in the City of Brotherly Love?

Those are not to be uttered, ever. In a locker room, church, grocery store and especially to the city’s media hounds. Is he trying to get fired? Here is where he went wrong. That phrase is meant for teams like the Cleveland Browns that has no hope for the season. Not a team that is still in the hunt for a playoff berth. Not for a team that started the season 3-0. Where was that trusting the process speech then?

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It’s not the process that needs to be trusted, it’s the coach. His scheme is the same as Andy Reid’s. They are both conservative play callers and much like it haunted Reid during his tenure here, it’s the same for Pederson. But this is his fault. The Eagles should’ve been buyers at the trade deadline but much like his play calling, they decided to play it safe and not go for the home run. The team is lacking in the WR department, instead of going out and getting Alshon Jeffery or Torry Smith, they sat back and watched as their chance at the NFC East just slipped through their hands.

But, Pederson wants everyone to trust the process.

The process could have gone smoother if he had trust in the system. Carson Wentz is a gun-slinger but doesn’t have the proper targets to take his game to the next level. Those little dink and dump passes may look good for his completion percentage at the end of the season but I was under the impression that a win looks better.

I believe that Pederson thinks he still has Alex Smith under center, but this is no longer Kansas City Dorthy. If your QB shows you he has the Randall Cunningham arm, then USE it. Defenses know there’s no need to play a safety deep due to Pederson play calling. What that does is shrink the field and when he does decide to go deep, the players are so surprised, that they get nervous and mistakes happen.

The Eagles are not the 76ers. There are no tank seasons being made here but it seems that either Pederson has no faith in his team or none in his self. Either way, the city has no patience for any process but winning. If he can’t provide that, then the fans will be trusting the process as Roseman and Lurie search for a new coach.