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Pokemon Go: Is it a good or bad idea?

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It is interesting, you look at the calendar and it says its July 14,2016. However, the most popular app was a popular game in the late 1990’s.

On July 6,2016 Android and Apple released an app called Pokemon Go. This game allows players to capture, battle and train virtual Pokemon that  shows up  throughout the real world. This is done on your phone as users allow the app usage to the GPS system and the phone’s camera.

Since it was released, there has been both positive and negative things happen to it that it has made this app one of the most talked about subjects. Some of the positive things that have occurred from this include there being an improvement in the mental and physical health of players who suffer from depression and social anxiety.

According to several doctors, this is happening because the social nature of the game ends up providing easy avenues for people who have both of these mental illnesses. Other positive things to come from this app include there being an increased motivation in exercising and improving moods.

These are all positive things and valid points to why you should play the app that is sweeping the United States, Australia, and Britain as these are the places where the app is available. It is unknown if this will become available in other countries as well.

On the flip side, there are a ton of negative things that has been reported about in the news and are reasons to stay away from the game. Unfortunately, the media seems to be reporting more on the negative things than the positive things.

Some of the negative things that have come from this game include players being robbed, being killed, crashing their cars, and congregating in front of strangers homes. The Los Angles Times ran a recent article talking about how two men fell off an ocean bluff while playing the game. I do not play the game nor do I have any desire to play it.

I have heard from people who play the game and I have read stories about this game and the one theme I can put together, it is an addictive game. I don’t personally understand the point behind it and don’t people have better things to do than worry about if they caught a Pokemon character.

There are also many places like the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and the 9/11 memorial site in New York City, New York are getting upset. They are not pleased with people coming in or by the buildings to catch these Pokemon characters and they cause disruptions.

I will admit, I played Pokemon when it was around in the late 1990s when it was popular. I am not judging people who play the game, however, I do not understand the fascination behind this game. I see both sides on how this game has its advantages and disadvantages.

I will leave this to you, the reader, Is Pokemon: Go a good idea for an app or a bad idea?

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