Carolyn Kaster / AP
Carolyn Kaster / AP

GENEVA – In what can be considered a diplomatic breakthrough between long-time adversaries, Iran has agreed to an accord to limit its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. 

After a marathon round of talks, long-time enemy, Iran will begin the first steps of ending it’s nuclear program.

In what is considered is a “first-step deal”, per, the landmark agreement agreed was reached in Geneva late Saturday evening between Tehran and the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia, that limits advancements in it’s nuclear program.

The deal, which includes a stipulation of Iran freezing it’s nuclear program for six months, halts the Islamic Republic’s uranium enrichment above 5 percent and also neutralizes its stockpile of near 20-percent uranium. 

After six months, negotiators would then begin talks of a more permanent agreement of Iran dismantling it’s nuclear arms.

The United States would reportedly agree to ease sanctions on Tehran by six to seven billion, with the international community having monitors on the ground in Iran and access to it’s nuclear facilities.

President Barack Obama stated in an announcement that no new sanctions will be imposed on Tehran, after the six-month period, which could damage relations with long-time allies Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.



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