According to StatNews one in 6 Americans suffer from chronic constipation – that becomes 1 in 3 for those over 60. That is where Poop Like A Champion comes in! Their main goal is to help America–and hopefully one day the world–have better poops. After their own research, they discovered the average American diet doesn’t have enough fiber or water, the Keto and low-carb diet trend, high stress levels, the use of prescription drugs, antidepressants, blood-pressure meds, and aging were among the more common causes for constipation. For that reason, the founders of this innovative brand developed a colon-cleansing product in the form of a breakfast cereal.

This brand decided to take a taboo topic and place it front and center. They brought attention to a very common issue not to shame it, but to point out how important it is to talk about constipation and finding healthy solutions. Over 700,000 Americans end up in the emergency department annually from constipation related issues. Many have noted that the embarrassment of having to share this with medical professionals prevent them from seeking help sooner. 

Are you thinking you heard all about eating fiber to poop better? And you remember that not really working for you? Well, Poop Like A Champion figured out why. They spent a great amount of time researching and developing the best formula for the best poop-inducing cereal: Ultra Fiber Cereal. “This Ultra Fiber Cereal remarkably contains more fiber than any other cereal on the market, but more importantly it contains a potent combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber. This fiber combination is what makes our cereal just work.”

Their cereal is different from others because it is non-GMO, wheat-free, clean label, and made in small batches. These batches are all made with top tier poop-promoting ingredients. In them you will find corn barn, chicory root, psyllium husk fiber, and sorghum, along with baking soda, cornstarch, sugar, and sea salt to give it texture and taste.

If you are not a cereal or breakfast person, this team offers you other options to help you poop like a champ. Their Super Fiber Gummies are made with chicory root to nourish gut bacteria, improve digestion, and help relieve constipation. Unlike any other, they are Keto-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO, and each gummy has 3 grams of fiber. It’s for taking care of a blockage that has maybe gone on for days.Their other option is the Super Senna Laxative Tea. They designed the perfect blend of senna leaves and peppermint for overnight relief. Why is it so great? Because it has no caffeine, it stimulates your intestines, it relieves constipation, and it is natural and herbal. It is made of high-quality ingredients to aid the body in eliminating toxins and consistently produce bowel movements.

Poop Like A Champion has been innovating from the very beginning. They did not choose the easy fiber formula to help Americans fight this issue. Instead, they did their research and developed products that genuinely relieve constipation. Year after year, they have been improving their products and creating new ways to provide customers the best poop-promoting ingredients to put an end to such a common condition.

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