Safety tips for driving a car

No matter for what reason you are driving, it should be safe and sound. You could be driving as a profession or could be traveling yourself, if an accident occurs, the situation will not obviously discriminate and will harm you equally whatsoever. Safe driving is much more than just being alert. You also need to keep all the safety rules and guidelines in mind while driving. Follow these Safety tips for driving a car

1. Assumptions – Making assumptions is easy and is the first trick that the mind can play to deceive us. So, do not make assumptions about other vehicles. Don’t assume that the drivers will actually do what you expect them to do.

2. Turns – While turning, always use an indicator or turn signals to clearly express your movements. Use these signals a few seconds before actually changing the lane or making a turn.

3. Seat belts – There are two primary reasons for wearing seat belts, first, for the obvious reason that not wearing a seatbelt will increase the intensity of injuries caused by an accident and second, you’ll be fined by traffic police for not wearing the seatbelt.

4. Traffic signals – Traffic signals are for a reason. Follow them for not getting fined and avoiding chances of an accident. Especially the yellow light, yellow light asks the drivers to slow down as it is going to be followed by a red light, which means, stop. Stop your car even if there are no vehicles in the way because you don’t know from where a new one will emerge. So many auto accidents have this story of not following the red light, resulting in a crash by some other car out of nowhere.

5. Text and drive – Text and drive is a newer model of drink and drive because it is actually the same scenario. You are not at all focused on driving. This rule should be treated more seriously while considering Safety tips for driving a car because this is becoming a major cause of accidents in recent years.

6. Speed limits – Always obey the posted speed limit on the road. These written numbers are not random. These are calculated numbers for maximum safety of the passengers and the nearby people as well.

7. Maintenance – Keep your vehicle maintained so that it may not betray you on the road. Always check for all the integral parts of the vehicle. This habit will benefit you while driving but it will also increase the life expectancy of your vehicle. If it’s not your car, then also check for the parts such as brakes, gears, tires, etc. so as to ensure a safe drive for you and your customer.

8. Weather – In extreme weather conditions such as storms, cyclones, heavy rain, snow, be more focused and slow your speed down a little bit. Risking your life is much fatal than reaching the destination on time. If necessary, halt at a nearby lodge until the weather stabilizes.

9. Be predictable – Do not change lanes and or push brakes suddenly. Make sure that the other drivers can predict your movements.

10. Distractions – Avoid any kind of distractions including music, conversation, picking up calls, replying to a text, drinking water, etc.

11. Share – Share the road with other drivers graciously because everyone needs to reach their destination in time.

12. Destination – Select the route beforehand so that you should not struggle with that decision when driving. Your focus should be completely on driving and not making the choices that you need to make before starting the journey.

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