In these pandemic conditions, you have been heard that there is no scope of poetry, and not even the poet’s lover exists. The sweetness, size, and shape of traditional poetry were lost a year ago, but some poets live who influence the people and have a specific place in people’s hearts.

Who is Sandeep Mishra?

A poet, a writer, leaves his thoughts, his feelings, and his emotions on a piece of paper, and a bit of paper took him so high that success reaches him. And Sandeep Kumar Mishra is one of the artists who give his every single thing to the world. He grew up with a great passion for poetry, and he loves his work. He is the example of that poet whose poetry is still alive, but they are do not exist more. These famous personalities made their name in world books, and Sandeep is one of those. He worked hard. He put his word on paper and gave them a different look through his writing style.

Great pots in history work in literature as the same Mishra also works for teaching literature to other people, and he observes the life of a common man nearly. He has experience of 20 years. In the journey to 20 years, he learns many things and is used to educate people more appropriately.

Work and experiences:

Sandeep Kumar has many life experiences and more related to his success. He uses his life experience to educate people in a good manner. Sandeep Kumar Mishra is well known for his writing style, which is most prominent with famous authors like W Shakespeare, G. M. Hopkins, John Keats, Tennyson, and W. B. Yeats. He is an artist who receives any credits and respect due to his writing style. The Academic Skills and other talents of Sandeep Kumar have gone worldwide. Through this popularity, he earned him international recognition. He has been appointed as a staff writer at various magazines and websites, including Indian Poetry Review, San Antonio Review, Extra News Feed, London Literary Review, and The Great British Politics.


He is also renowned for painting because he was born with a passion for painting. He can view a real-life tragedy in drawing and painting. His writing style is also famous due to this ability. His poetry is related to women. Everyone cannot write so perfectly about a woman and with such healing effects. He has a passion for his work and also loves it whole-heartedly. Recently, he published his latest work ‘One Heart – Many Breaks,’ and it is a lovely and heart touching work or poetry done by Sandeep.

Upcoming projects:

Sandeep’s upcoming work is, “Feel My Heart,” which is due for publication by 2022. He has the power to convince people by his words, his healing thoughts, and major source his Writing style. He has a big following and success in his career. He is a Role model for the upcoming generation.

Moreover, he is one of its kinds because he has some of the smart abilities that people rarely have. He is multi-talented person who knows the importance of hard work and time so, he make well use of his time by educate people.

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