Sarah Button
Sarah Button shares how she lost 40 Tik Tok accounts and hundreds of thousands of followers.

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If anyone knows more about redemption, it is 23-year-old Australian content creator Sarah Button. This Tik Tok star woke up one morning to her 40th banned Tik Tok account and lost over 700k followers without any ability to access the data lost or the app altogether. She explains how losing everything she created and being forced to recreate her presence and following has not affected her passion to continue being herself online and making a living off of it.


Sarah Button

Where it all began

Sarah started building her online community through Snapchat Premium. Her personality and commitment to creating daily content enabled her to network with other women in the adult content industry. She began to collaborate and grow her following and was soon encouraged by other creators in the industry to use Tik Tok to showcase her talent.

With her sexual-based humour and passion for sharing her personal sexual experiences online, Sarah had quickly developed a strong community of Tik Tok users and found her niche. Sarah mentions how she values being able to disrupt societal views of sexual self-discovery stating, “I have so many followers message me to thank me for encouraging them to explore themselves individually.” Her positive energy has not only educated people on safety and sexuality, but has also provided her a space to make a living off her content.

Sarah Button

Why Tik Tok Stepped In

In a society that has transitioned to online work, social media apps have been increasingly growing as primary platforms for adult content creators to promote themselves and maintain a following. However, recent changes to apps’ community guidelines have affected many online influencers whose content violates these new rules. Tik Tok has been one of the most recent apps to update their guidelines highlighting that sexually explicit content and any connection towards sexual solicitation are grounds for termination of all affiliating accounts. For adult content creator Sarah Button, being denied access to her creations and community was an eye-opening experience. She noted how she had finally grasped, “how easy it is to have a public social media account taken from you.” However, that has not stopped her from creating daily video content for her loyal fans.

Sarah Button


How Sarah Regained her Followers

Once Sarah had realized that all of her devices were unable to create new accounts or access any old accounts to recover her creations, she purchased new devices. She then made new accounts and has almost regained her full following. Sarah explains how she still has not received any updates from Tik Tok on retrieving her data even on the accounts where no guidelines were violated. In spite of the ongoing challenges of the apps she uses, she states, “I am beyond grateful for my journey, I’ve learned so much about myself, other people, and society during this and I have no regrets.”

Sarah Button notes how her personality, positive attitude, and creativity are what have maintained her fanbase, not the platform she had been using. Button is looking forward to continuing to create unapologetically raw content in 2022 regardless of any future accounts facing permanent termination from Tik Tok.

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