Not many have broken through in the DMV area in music, but if any can could it was Lor Sosa. Raised in the streets, accompanied by drugs and violence, and completing multiple bids in jail, Sosa is real life model of what never giving up and believing in yourself can do. Defying the odds, Sosa has managed to utilize music as a means of changing his entire life. With only three songs out, Sosa has still managed to gross over 2.8 million views on YouTube across his short catalog of music. His latest album “Borrowed Time,” gives us insight on some of his past experiences. But at the same time, Sosa almost warns those in pursuit of a lifestyle full of crime and violence. He also includes tracks meant to motivate those toward opportunities that can one day lead to a bright and fruitful future.

Independent Rapper/Artist/Musician/ICON really taking shape, Jonathon Griffin, AKA Lor Sosa genuinely concedes he has no genuine melodic preparation. Just him being an almost over the top devotee of music and music culture, made his voracious craving to make music, and the music, however the entertainment of the feeling and the motivation behind it. “I could be watching a film,” Sosa introspects, “and keeping in mind that every other person is centered around the screenplay, I will, in general, be similarly engaged with the melodic creation. I like the way that music can be utilized as an amazing impetus for forceful enthusiastic incitement. It’s consistently there in my psyche,” he muses.

Sosa was destined to a Mexican American mother, and an African American dad, who was brought up in the San Fernando Valley, CA, however, made his life in Howard County, Maryland. With his folks on perfect inverse coasts, Sosa had the option to mix the way of life and insouciance of his mom’s home, in Phoenix, AZ and the quick pacing of the Baltimore and DC, with his dad, in Maryland, to make his own incomparable style and path, regarding his music, design sense and surprisingly his vocal rhythm. Tangible ordinarily, Sosa would learn right off the bat, to utilize what he had gotten in level school, finding out about verse, convey it over to his expressive creation, blend it in with genuine road encounters, a decent ear for tune and a hot track, and you have a hit on your hands.

Propelled by the preferences Scott Storch, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Mac Miller, Drake, Frank Ocean, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Kendrick Lamar, and J Cole, just to give some examples, Lor Sosa is diagramming his own course. In spite of the fact that impacted by probably the best, his sound is nuanced by his own inventiveness and driven by his sheer will to make music, however an entire encounter when you hear it! Who has next? We just changed the entire damn game!

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