You can’t be a successful online model today without a strong online media marketing strategy. Even when you don’t want to monetize the content you offer; social media is a huge part of your online success. Today we’re going to take a look at the newest trend in online modeling: This app has become popular among top online models all around the world and their admirers. One of the first top models to join qrush is Vickie Jay, but more and more influencers and fans are opening accounts each day. If you want to sell videos online and grow your popularity and fanbase, you need to be on! Here’s why!

When it comes to communicating with your fans, is a model’s best friend. It allows you to keep your fans engaged by promoting your videos and content and helps you enjoy a higher number of visitors to your site. Also, qrush can be a real moneymaker. It helps you sell videos online, pictures, and all the private content you create. All you have to do is open up an account on the platform and post fresh content on your private page. Just set a subscription price for your fans ($5 to $50 per month) and start uploading content! More online models and influencers are enjoying important revenue from qrush each day, so why should you miss out on this trend?

How to set up a qrush profile
The main thing you need to know is that models have 2 profile pages. One is for the free content, the other one helps you sell videos online, pictures, and other private content that your fans are willing to pay for.

The first step in your qrush marketing strategy should focus on building a strong free content page. You need to attract admirers and get as much attention as possible. Unlike other social media platforms, qrush allows you to show your wild side on your public profile page, so you won’t have to worry about your account getting suspended or losing your followers. The free profile page on should be used to promote videos, pictures, and content that you create, so try to offer viewers a preview of the things they will enjoy if they subscribe to your profile. Teasing is a very strong technique on qrush, so use it at its full capacity! You can post pictures, videos, selfies, and everything else that can help you get noticed.

Once you set up the free profile page on qrush, it’s time to start earning some money. You can sell videos online, pictures, and private content via your private page. These are not the only things you can offer your admirers. offers a lot of ways to engage your audience and enjoy more money from the content you create, so you could try PPV messages, paid DM’s, and even video calls. All of these features will help you keep your fans engaged and they will have the opportunity to know the real you. Don’t miss out on the next big thing in online entertainment! Join today!

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