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Sex: Five Tips For A Healthy Sex Life

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Here are the five things you can do to improve the sex life with your partner, without any pills, visits to doctors or couple counseling.

Five Tips For A Healthy Sex Life

The sex life of any couple knows ups and downs. There are so many reasons for which we can experience downfalls in the bedroom. But that’s no reason to panic. If you and your partner are going through a rough time, arguing and worrying over the matter won’t help solve it at all. You must stop and think about the situation. Working together will help you get over this obstacle that so many of us are facing sooner or later. If you feel like your sex appeal and sex drive have diminished from within, there are things you can try to boost your confidence and arousal. Here are the five things everyone should try for healthy sex life.

A Healthy Diet

Everyone has heard about aphrodisiacs, but they’re not always some exotic seed from a faraway jungle. They can be found in the local grocery store and easily be included in our day to day diet. You have the fancy sex boosting foods, such as oysters, but things as mundane as garlic can also charge your naughty batteries. Apples, salmon, red meats and all nuts and seeds can also help you balance your vitamin and protein intake, calm your mind and get you ready for a fun night in the bedroom. And if you match all these with red wine, you’ll be in the zone.

Experiment More

One of the reasons for which couples start having less sex is because monotony settles in. Even though you’re open-minded and indulge in oral and other bedroom activities, the same routine can get boring. You should always seek to try new things. There are so many ways through which you can get inspired. Reading erotica novels, talking to your partner about their fantasies, or simply playing JerkDoll porn games can give you so many ideas on how to spice things up in the bedroom.

Start Working Out

Getting lazy while in a relationship is one of the most common issues for losing interest in each other. It’s tempting to spend each night eating pizza while watching Netflix and forget that you used to have a gym membership. Some people are getting so out of shape that they start seeing sex as a physical tiering activity which they avoid. Starting to work out again will help you both boost your confidence and sex drive by increasing your testosterone levels, and make you more attractive to your partner.

Break Your Porn Habits

Although we recommended playing adult games, being addicted to a real sex simulator or an adult streaming site can be one of the reasons for which you lost interest in real-life sex. Our brain can’t make the difference between the sex in real life and in the virtual world. Too much pornography and you will get desensitized.

Strengthen Your Communication

As I mentioned in the intro of this article, one of the keys to get over any obstacle in a relationship is communication. Always remember that it’s never you versus your partner. It’s the two of you versus a problem. If you feel like your sex drive is down, be open to your partner and let them know that you are willing to solve things. After that, try one or all the tips on how to improve your sex life that we listed above and I’m sure you’ll regain that sexual intensity you used to love at the beginning of your relationship.



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