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Showbiz! Hurricane Sue! Q and A With TV Personality and Producer, Susan Evans

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Name: Susan Evans (Hurricane Sue) I was renamed Hurricane Sue during my Big Brother experience because of my outspoken, no nonsense approach to life. I always have a lot to say and sometimes my direct approach can be shocking to some people. I do not mince my words,I just say it as it is really. I think honesty is the best policy so if I don’t like something I will verbalise it. People always ask me for advice and I am more than happy to give it.

Age: 48 and three quarters. I think that age is just a number. I look quite young for my age and I don’t intend to change that anytime soon. I am not going to get old. You can dress young and act young for as long as you want to as long as you are doing it well. I do it very well indeed. People think that I am about 30 years old and that’s a fact.

From: I was born in London but I have lived all around the country including major cities such as Birmingham and Manchester. I have also lived in a lovely place called Gloucestershire. That is farmer country, very pretty and picturesque and full of cows and sheep. I have enjoyed living amongst different types of communities it helps you to understand diversity and accept peoples differences in life.

Occupation: TV Personality and Producer. I have had careers in Marketing for some international companies in the past but now I concentrate on marketing my own brand which is MADD (Mother And Daughter Duo) This is me and my daughters family brand. We intend to saturate the world with MADD and show families that mothers and daughters can be best friends FOREVER.

Social Media Followings: Twitter: @maddsusan | Instagram: @sueevans_ | Facebook: @Imaniandsue

Tell us where you want your journey to lead after big brother? I want my journey to go EVERYWHERE. I am ready to put my fingers in many pies including TV shows and book publishing. MADD also want to stage networking events where everyone is welcome, especially mothers and daughters. It will be a loving place for them to bond and have fun together.

Are we right in saying you applied for big brother as a duo with your daughter? Yes, I applied for the show with Imani as the theme for season 16 was initially PAIRS. We had it in the bag, the BB bosses loved our dynamics but then they dropped the pairs theme and we didn’t make it in together.

how did it feel about leaving your daughter to go solo? When I was told that I would be going into the house on my own I was devastated but after a couple of days I accepted it and started to pack my bags. We still operated as a duo. Me being in the house didn’t stop that because Imani was outside doing the social media on my behalf. Hurricane Sue was trending on twitter for three lovely days and we definitely caused a stir! Even separating us couldn’t stop us from working together as a duo!

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment on Big Brother? My most embarrassing moment on Big Brother was when I farted in the jacuzzi. Everyday i was worried that Big Brother would include my fart bubbles in the edit. When I left the house I watched every episode to see whether it was included or not. Thank God it wasn’t.

Why did you decide to enter the show and would you do it again? I entered the show because it was an opportunity of a lifetime. If you really think about it, what are the chances of you being picked out of 40,000 applicants countrywide. The chance of you even meeting an ex housemate is really slim. I would have to be crazy not to accept this challenge, and it really was a challenge. I would love to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house in a couple of years from now but this time I want to go in as a MADD with my daughter Imani.

What type of men are you attracted to? I am attracted to nice men who are well groomed and presentable. I really don’t like scruffy or unkempt men. I am also quite liking the older more mature man because I like to hear about their life experiences and I think younger men don’t have that much interest in things like travelling, culture, food etc

Plans for the future? I plan to publish my first book which is a women’s lifestyle, self help book that me and Imani both wrote. It deals with everyday issues that are important to women, including Fashion, Beauty and Men and Money. Imani and I have strong opinions about all of the subjects in this book. I am working on my second book which is about my life as a mother of six kids and being a wife TWICE. It’s shocking, outrageous and impossible to put down!

Dog or Cat? I love dogs more than cats because they are more engaged with their owners than cats are. You can walk a dog and play fetch with it but cats just want to eat and sleep all day. I have a beautiful Lassie dog called Queen and I love her to bits. I want to get another Rough Collie in a couple of years from now, her name will be Beauty.

What would you like to say to our readers? Live life to the full and always do what makes YOU happy. There is no point in living your life for anyone else, especially if you have to constantly compromise you own joy. I believe in living as much in the moment as you can and enjoy those moments, even the tough ones. If you make mistakes, don’t dwell on them just learn from them and carry on. Always remember to smile!

Special thanks to Susan Evans, Intrigue Agency and King Publishing for their time and assistance during the Glamour Girl! Q and A interview. Email us at inscribermagazine@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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