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Signs That A Tankless Water Heater Is Right For You

The popularity of the tankless water heater is on the rise among homeowners. As homeowners begin to realize the cost and energy-saving advantages of tankless water heaters, they are also finding the efficiency of the system to be higher than the traditional heater whose tank they have may have resolved to keep it outdoor.

Taking into account some of the advantages like longer lifespan, lower operation cost, and other benefits, there is no wonder why many homeowners are beginning to choose the tankless water heater.

In This Article, We Will Be Discussing Some Of The Biggest Signs That Indicate The Need For You To Invest In A Tankless Water Heater.

#1. Your Old Water Heater Is Old And Worn Out

The traditional tank-style water heater has an average life span of 10 – 12 years when properly maintained. This means that in otherwise scenario, the lifespan of the water heater may be less than the estimated amount. For the traditional water heater, the warranty period, depending on the brand also ranges from 4 to 6 years.

As the unit gets older, it surely becomes less efficient whether due to buildup of some particles or inadequate maintenance, especially if you fail to inspect the heater annually. The system may also be prone to common damage like leaks, corrosion and other issues which may ultimately reduce its efficiency by as much as half. In some cases, the damages to the tank-style water heater may also cause some form of damage to the home’s plumbing.

If you have begun noticing such inefficiencies as this, it is recommended that you speak to a professional who is in a better position to recommend possible actions, in most cases, a replacement of the water heater.

For replacements, it is recommended that you choose the tankless water heater as it takes up less space, is more energy-efficient and also presents some other benefits.

If your old water heater is wearing out, a great way to deal with this condition will be to replace it with a new tankless water heater.

#2. You Want To Lower Your Monthly Utility Bills


The United States department of energy revealed that water heaters are responsible for about 18 percent of the monthly electricity usage in an average household. This means that the only other appliance in the home that consumes more power is the HVAC system which consumes an estimated 48 percent energy monthly.

For homeowners who are looking to reduce their power bills on a monthly basis, the first step to achieving this would be to choose new model appliances which are energy efficient. This means that trading your traditional water heater for an upgrade in the form of tankless water heater can save you from excessively high power bills.

The traditional tank-style water heater usually contains about 30 – 60 gallons of water which are constantly heated to a desired temperature. The system is also inefficient in that the heated water loses its heat over time and the system has to recharge it thus causing it to consume more energy. In the case of the tankless water heater, you do not have to worry about this however as there is no tank for water storage hence its improved efficiency.

#3. You Constantly Run Out Of Hot Water


People who have had to wait in line for a bath in the morning know the horrors of having to deal with cold or lukewarm water as others may have used up all the hot water contained in the tank. if you are a constant victim of this, a tankless water heater is a better solution to this problem as you can demand hot water instantaneously from the system.

For better satisfaction, it is important that you look for the best gallon per minute rating for your choice water heater. This allows you to enjoy more gallons of water per minute and instantaneously without having to deal with time lags.

#4. You Use Hot Water Throughout The Day Instead Of All At Once


For persons who make use of hot water throughout the day, it makes more sense to demand hot water just when they need it than to have a system that is constantly pre-heating water with the hopes that users may call for it.

The tank-style water heater is best for people who make use of hot water once or twice a day, in the morning and later at night. However, for persons whose hot water use is distributed across the day, a better option and approach for your needs is to ensure that you choose the tankless water heater.

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