Enzo and Cass aren’t the only ones who need a change of scenery in WWE. The upcoming shake up, as Vince McMahon calls it, could lead to company superstars making the jump to Monday or Tuesday night.


WrestleMania 33 taught us a few things, mainly that this is now Roman Reigns’ world and we are all living in it. It also taught us some superstars would be better served with a new platform to work with. While WWE is willing to admit mistakes with its roster extensions for both Monday night raw and SmackDown live, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to fix what is broken.

It also means fans will have the opportunity to see their favorite performers face new challenges over the next eight months. If change is a necessary evil for this business, then making adjustments in mid stride is common. As Sheryl Crow one sub change will do you good.

McMahon is banking on that.

Here are six wrestlers who figure to be part of the shakeup come Monday night.

Sami Zayn – The former NXT superstar has been exciting at times, and a jobber at others. Here’s an example of WWE jumping the gun and bringing him to the main roster too quickly. Apollo Crews is another. While Crews is stuck in quicksand, there’s hope for Zayn any chance that moving to Tuesday nights will be beneficial. A feud with Dolph Ziggler for The Miz could turn his fortunes around.

AJ Styles – This has been discussed for a while. Now that he has beaten his boss, Shane McMahon, maybe he was exiled to Monday nights. Styles is still the best performer on WWE’s roster. Making the move to Monday creates more opportunity. It also allows him to become a baby face again. There is also a chance he rejoins his Bullet Club allies in Gallows and Anderson as another bad ass clique.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks – Unless The company decides to put Banks in a program against Bayley, she too is in quicksand. There is no mobility for any of the four current major superstars in the women’s division on Monday night. Trading Becky for Sasha opens the door for a Lynch heel turn while Banks and Mickie James present an appealing confrontation. It also opens the door for a potential heel turn by Banks as well.

The Revival – This one’s for Jon Blayne.

The addition of Dash and Dawson on Monday night was a great get for WWE. The two-time NXT tag team champions deserved the move to the main roster. But the tag team division on Monday nights is stacked.

Now that Matt and Jeff Hardy are Raw tag team champions, this group needs a shakeup. A move like this might end any chance of a mega heel stable with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, but it could be the best for them to move to Tuesday nights.

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