If WWE serious about making changes to it rosters next week, I have to wonder what happens to Enzo and Cass now that they lost the number one contender’s match for the Raw Tag Team Titles.


For me, the shtick has stalled. The team isn’t cohesive. Enzo should be into the 205 division. And most importantly, the company should be building Big Cass as a contender for the United States Title.

There are times when a good thing runs its course. The combination of these two wrestlers was a perfect marriage in NXT, but they have not been the juggernaut of sorts on the main roster. And for a team that tried it’s best to be the next New Age Outlaws, they fell short.

Now that The Revival and the Hardy’s are on the Monday night roster, maybe it would be best for Enzo and Cass to either jump to Tuesday nights or dissolve the relationship.

Cass is never going to make it as a serious contender if he has a sidekick. I wouldn’t repackage him, but I would enhance what’s already there. And if you look deeper, with his size and his somewhat robotic ability in the ring, a heel turn may not be such a bad idea. A manager might also work – are you hearing me, Paul Heyman?

Enzo Amore is the energizer bunny on steroids. I mean that in the most respectful way of saying he doesn’t stop moving. The 205 Division might be better served for him as his charisma would be a welcomed addition.

And if anybody is listening, Xavier Woods May be better suited for the land of the cruiserweights once WWE figures out The New Day is old and stale.

If Enzo and Cass were supposed to be tag team champions, the company would have put the belts on them upon their arrival to the main roster. Fans love the entrance, and the rhythm and rhyme. The in-ring performance is a bit lacking.

And based on crowd approval, they can’t compete with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Next week should be entertaining as well as all telling. WWE in essence will expose its flaws by making changes to both the red and blue roster. I suspect Enzo and Cass will be dissolved as a partnership. Both may flourish in their new roles. Both may also flop. But the company has to figure out what to do with both characters. Cass needs a singles run before he becomes another Matt Morgan or some other big wrestler with plenty of talent, but nowhere to go.

This tag team is popular with WWE’s fans, but right now they both are performers on an island and are in need of a new direction.

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