Whether a big or a small office but that has to look professional but if you are just about to start your new office and if you are a small scale businessman then it would not be possible to put up every bit of your profit into creating your office so a big office may not be your thing for initial days but on the other hand you can, of course, go with small office buildings as that would do the job without much investment from your side and also this kind of compact buildings prove to be perfect for those who already have limited space to set up their office.

Let us be practical here and accept the truth that small office buildings are not as much popular and available as the huge office building designs are and that is the reason even there are tons of different designs of huge office building ideas are already available at Architecturesideas that you can check out. The thing is different in case of small office building ideas so you would have to do a quick research before going with a Small Office Building Design. There are some technicalities that you would have to ensure if you are going with a small building and once your business would develop so you would always be able to set up even a bigger office. If you are wondering about some of the best Small Office Building Design ideas to inspire your office building then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out for sure:

The Open Floor Plan:


Source: perfectsmalloffice.com

Now this design depends on the work that the office offers with and if the office is all about group work which doesn’t need that much of spare space or privacy then this kind of set up would be perfect for your office and as there would be fewer walls for this set up so your office would look much clean and elegant which is great. Here you would have to get a huge colors for hallway on each floor of the building where things would be set up accordingly and this set up would let the employees work together which actually helps in improving their work and this would help a lot in saving up space or at least the wall space would be saved through such building interior design which has to be a great thing for sure. This would also let everyone move freely in the office which seems to be more convenient and that may save some time as well.

The Color Coordination of Your Office:


Source: ambius.com

Now that you already know that your office is small so if you would go with some vibrant or bold colors then that would, however, make your office look beautiful but at the same time it would make your office appear smaller so that may be a bad idea for you and ditching the idea of both multi-color and bold colors would be safe for you. You would be amazed to know that the perfect use of designs as well as colors can really make a huge difference so choosing that correctly is important. Make sure to have contemporary colors over your office and that should look formal as well because at the end of the time it is your office, not a club or anything like that so you would have to maintain that professionalism. Going with modest colors would be better for any office and you, however, can add some colors as well but do not get too much of colors rather have a muted base.

Give Your Office a Nice Homely Touch:

Source: home-designing.com

Since you chose a small office building so it is kind of obvious that the employee base of your office is small as well and small employee base is more like a second family which is really a good thing. Now that your employees are more like a family to you so it is your responsibility to make them feel comfortable like a home and the interior of your office can do the trick over here to turn your office look kind of homely. While you go with the homely designs, do not forget that it is an office so the professionalism should be maintained at the same time and all the designs should be chosen according to that only.

To give your office a fresh and homely touch you can get some additions of green plants there in the building which would make sure that the environment of the office stays good and at the same time, it would make your office look fresh and homely at the same time. You can also try getting some comfy seating arrangements so that the workers could relax while they work for your company.

Multipurpose Spaces:


Source: decoist.com

Keep at least one or two such rooms in your office which can be used in a number of ways and this would save a lot of space in your office and since you already went ahead with a small building so such kind of space would prove to be your savior at some point of time. here you can keep one hallway ready where you can conduct meetings at a time and also if you are about to take interviews for your company then also you can use that space and at times if your employee would need some more space then also that empty space can be used which is a great thing for sure. Make sure to keep the space empty of any huge furniture rather powerful lights and A.C as well as a projecting screen would be enough for that multipurpose space and this would be a great addition for your office.

Cafeteria or Open Space:


Source: houstonchronicle.com

Now it is a fact that no one can work continuously for a long period of time so your employee would need some rest for a while a maybe a coffee break would help them a lot to work better and so you need to get a cafeteria installed in your office and if you have a small office building then simply combine the common area with that of a cafeteria where your employees would be able to enjoy their meal or one can just sit there for a while to get their mind refreshed over again and the seating arrangements of that place needs to be super comfy so that they can relish their time.

These were some of the best small office building design ideas that you need to check out and also you can go with the above-mentioned tricks for your small office as well and for more such amazing ideas as well as options you can always go through Architecturesideas.

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