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With awards season is right around the corner, the Golden Globes and Academy Awards always bring out the year’s best films and performances. With another star-studded crop of choices choosing a favorite will be no easy task. However, when it comes to best actor Bill Murray can not be overlooked. We all know Murray from his time on  Saturday Night Live and his numerous comedic roles. However, Murray chose to play a more serious role in his new film St.Vincent. Many Murray fans ,and movie aficionados, will recall the 2003 film Lost In Translation as the actors most defining role. However, St.Vincent might be the actors best performance  to date. In the film Murray plays Vincent, a vulgar and self-centered man with a less then positive view on life. His character drinks, curses and spends his time at the race track and throughout the film, encounters love, heartbreak and fights his own personal demons, but a friendship with his next door neighbor’s son changes his whole outlook on life. Murray plays the role of Vincent to absolute perfection. His most powerful acting occurs when his character suffers a severe life changing event, which brings Murray’s acting to another level. We see his character portray emotion, pain and happiness, and Murray delivers it in the best way he can, with a little bit of comedy. However, make no mistake this is not the same Murray from Caddyshack or Ghostbusters. The acting in this film is spot on. The Character of Vincent is brought to life onscreen so well you almost feel Vincent  is a real person, and that’s  a testament to Murray’s superior acting ability. Murray might not be the odds on favorite to win this upcoming awards season but he is most certainly a top contender. For current news, sports, entertainment, politics and more please follow us at @TheInscriberMag and @INSCMag_ENT  Like us on Facebook: The Inscriber : Digital Magazine

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