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Startup Business Investments Around the World

Startups have completely taken over the world. In all corners of the globe, you’ll notice different types of startups.

According to Small Business Trends, 69% of the businesses in the US alone are startups or small businesses.

Are you planning to launch a startup soon? Below is a list of the startup business investments around the world:


  1. Lifestyle Startups

Entrepreneurs who would like to make a business out of their passion fall under this category. It could simply start with your hobbies like drawing, cooking, painting, and other arts & crafts. You can find a way to make your passion a source of income.

With the multiple ways to promote your startup through social media, a sturdy internet connection like broadband can assist you jumpstart your lifestyle startup.

Buyable Startups

In the rise of Internet and social media, entrepreneurs have found a way to utilize this massive market. Mobile-based or web-based apps are now being designed and developed.

Now, the creators are not looking to blow it up into a huge tech company in the future like Google, rather developing this app to be acquired by bigger businesses. Basically, they are looking for buyers of what they created.


  1. Scalable Startups

This type of startups plan on making it big in the industry. Their goals and objectives are aiming for huge increments in the long run.

Social networking sites such as Facebook have started with small steps, and look where they are now. Their driving force to make do with the little that they have now is believing that their startup team could change the world.


  1. Sociable Startups

Unlike scalable startups, sociable startups don’t have projections to be big and be a multinational company. Instead, they focus on carrying out the difference and change they want to see through their startup.

Profit is not just on the top of their list of priorities. This type of startups are more open to exploring new strategies and more daring to new ways of execution.


  1. Small Business Startups

Small business startups’ goal is to have enough money to get them from day to day. The income from this small business should sustain their daily expenses like food and other utilities.

They usually use the resources around their area, and their manpower also comes from the locals, too. In the long run, these small business startups affect the economy.

A lot of people are now venturing to be entrepreneurs because of the available types of startups to be explored. It fits any business idea you have that’ll eventually be profitable enough.


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