So, you are a big English Premier League Football fan and some of your favorite players are still playing in the World Cup. You are seriously thinking about taking a trip to Russia to see them play. It is a great idea but in order to make your trip successful you need to know a few things that will help.

But also to make sure your favorite players are still in the competition you should keep up on the latest news on the Premier League players competing in the World Cup.

When you discover who is still in the competition, you now need to figure out how to get to see them play. Here are the things you need to know about navigating the World Cup in Russia.


The first thing you need to do is to go to the Russian National Tourist website and determine if you need to have a visa to enter the country. Passport holders from the former Soviet Union countries and several others can get a visa on arrival avoiding having to visit a Russian consulate. All others must apply and the process can be started online. Because of the heavy influx of tourists to the World Cup, Russia has been fast tracking tourist visas to those coming to the games. But you need to be sure you have the proper documentation so you do not get held up at the airport. If you plan on going to matches read the net section on Fan ID which can cover your visa to Russia as well.

Fan ID

The Russian government requires that all visitors to games must secure a Fan ID. The government issues these IDs and they must be presented along with a ticket to any of the games. This is a security precaution and will require your passport to process. Again the government has a streamlined process to get this done. The Fan ID can double as a Russian Visa, so if you intend to visit the games you can request this document instead. Both must be requested from you home country issues and will be delivered by post to you.

Buying Tickets

You should only purchase tickets from reputable and official sources because each ticket is registered to the purchaser. This means no scalper tickets and no switching tickets with others either. Make sure you order tickets in advance if possible. Start with the FIFA website initially because tickets can still be purchased there.

Booking Hotels

At this late date many of the best hotels are sold out but there are always accommodations available. The key is to book as soon as possible and you may have to take a longer stay instead of thinking you can book as you go. Many people will be flying in last minute and for the closing ceremony so don’t think you can just keep booking individual days while you are there. You may find yourself running all over town to different hotels every day.

Travel Within the Country

From the time you reach the airport and during your entire time in the country you will be provided with free transportation which is mainly trains. They run between cities and to all of the matches and buses will take you from the trains to the stadiums. You should know that starveling from some cities to others can be journeys of up to 12 hours. You may opt to fly or simply enjoy the hospitality on a Russian overnight train. Either way, it will be an adventure.

Remember that there is intense security around the country and particularly where the matches are being played so you need to give yourself extra time to get in and out of places. And also Russia is a foreign country with different laws then where you live. So be careful about things like partying too hard and getting into arguments with authority. Enjoy the World Cup!

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