Planning your wedding fashion is an exciting experience. Choosing the right wedding dress is a major accomplishment and the next step is to accessorize effectively. While you may want to dazzle your groom and guests with a variety of accessories, it is always a good idea to be minimalist with your jewelry pieces.


The first step is to find the perfect match for your dress when choosing metals. Being aware of the metals that will complement your dress makes it easier to select the jewelry that you will wear on your wedding day. Adorning yourself with the right type of jewellery will highlight the texture and colour of your fabric.


Strapless Dresses and Plunging Necklines

Your neckline will guide you towards the kind of necklace that is most ideal. For strapless dresses and plunging necklaces, dainty pendants and chokers are a good choice. Thin chains or snugly fitting pearl necklaces are a charming adornment for any bride.

Vintage Style

Vintage dresses go well with contemporary jewelry for a unique contrast that will combine vintage charm with modern style. Higher necklines and halter neck dresses can be accessorized with flirty headbands and sleek wedding updos. An alternative to headbands is sparkling pins that are strategically placed within the hair.


Necklaces are a popular option for lower necklines but you can also accessorize with a dazzling pair of long or drop earrings that skim the shoulders. If your necklace is intricate, consider pairing it with smaller earrings to avoid outshining the rest of your outfit. The jewelry you wear should be a representation of your personal style and all your accessories should be as comfortable as possible.

Why Tungsten Rings are a Good Choice

Tungsten rings are in high demand as a popular choice for wedding rings. View a variety of rings at Tungsten Rings. Tungsten rings are ideal for wedding bands because they retain their shape and cannot be easily bent. They are not susceptible to the effects of wear and tear, which is a major advantage since wedding rings are typically worn all the time.

They do not develop scratches or nicks over time which helps maintain their polished appearance for longer. The dense nature of tungsten makes it heavier than other types of metals, which further contributes to its durability.

If you require a ring that is not easily damaged and will represent the long lasting union of marriage effectively, a tungsten ring is an excellent choice.

Importance of Jewelry as Wedding Accessories

  • Accessories are important for creating a unique look on your special day, and before you make your purchases, take a look at the features on your wedding dress. These features will help you determine what types of accessories will highlight them.
  • If the neckline of your dress is ornamental or embellished, drop earrings are ideal because a necklace coupled with ornate necklines can be overwhelming. For simpler dress styles, bolder accessories are recommended for additional glamour.
  • You can choose your earrings according to your hairstyle. If you opt to have your hair down, smaller earrings are ideal. If your hair is up in a classy do, longer earrings are a good combination.

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