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To be completely honest, there is nothing else I have thought about, have been more excited about, or even have stressed about this weekend is this Sunday game against the New York Jets (4-1) against the New England Patriots (5-0). While this is very important and exciting game approaching this season, this will not “make or break” either teams season, but I will tell you how this will benefit the New York Jets upon winning this game and how they can win this game. Upon looking at this game, I looked at the spread NE -9, and all the stats for both teams, offense, defense, special teams, coaching, I compared everything to each other. While I was upset at first with the fact that the Jets are that large of an underdog, I needed to remind myself this; we are in the perfect set up to end the Patriots winning streak. Think of it like this, would you have rather played the New England Patriots coming off of a embarrassing loss to the Indianapolis Colts, or would you rather have the Patriots coming home thinking that they have an easy game against the New York Jets, the little annoying brother that always wants to be first? Gang Green could do what others think is almost impossible and beat the Patriots with these three words – Just Play Smart! Look I understand we do whatever we can to win, besides cheating, but we have to avoid silly turnovers, I mean most of the turnovers have been from veteran guys trying to make a better play to ensure a win, when that doesn’t always happen. Now I understand this is easier said than done, but just be smart, limit the turnovers, run the ball, and make plays off the play action. Todd Bowles is not Darth Bill, but Belichick has no idea about the coaching style of Todd, since he has yet to face him as a head coach. Now, everyone is in so much love with the New England Patriots, but is forgetting that the past five-plus matches against the Jets, the winning team won on an average of three points. So a nine-point favorite is just crazy to me, but I would love to play this underdog role for as long as we can, because that just sparks the Jets personality even more. Regardless this is going to be an exciting, eventful game on Sunday, and regardless of what happens, there is going to be a lot of screaming and yelling coming from this guy. I would love to hear how the New York Jets stand against the New England Patriots and how any predictions or comments in the comment section below.

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