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Style: Why 2017 Is The Year Of Showing Off Curves


January 26, 2017

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By Judy Robinson

The world is not all that bleak; it is changing for the better. We have realized size zero is not beautiful. We no longer are running after anemic, all bones model.

This is the time of the holiday spirit, welcoming a new year, in which we shall all be seeing more of those beautiful curves. Curves were always sexy, but never have they been more loved. We should also give out a big shout-out to Kardashian, here for it was her butt that brought about this revolution.  

And not to forget Joan Holloway from mad-men. She was the first one to truly remind us of how beautiful curves are. Mad Men has almost become history but Holloway is hard to forget.

So how can you show off your curves this holiday season? Let us discuss some dress ideas.

1. Times Cowl Neck Dress

This is a dress more suited for a bit more warm-weather, but what the heck. With knee length boots and a fur coat, this dress will make sure you are the highlight of the evening. And this dress is perfect. It complements your body, even if you have added a pound or two here and there. Hey, it is the holidays, why hold back on the roast and drinks? Embrace your curves and rock every party this holiday season with this dress.

Image source

2. Off the Shoulder Red party dress

A closet is not complete until it has that one red party dress. And what is a party without a beautiful lady in red?

Choose a free-flowing dress that shows-off your waist in the best light (you do not have to be thin to look thin in the right places). And make sure you combine such a dress with a beautiful necklace to bring attention to that beautiful neckline. Trust me, off-the shoulder is all the rage right now, and there are just so many ways to rock an off the shoulder dress.

Image source

3. Show it off with Alexander Wang

If you want a special dress that shows off your beautiful curve, why not get a dress by Alexander Wang?

Wang has a skill making clothes for the everyday women who is not a model starving herself. And the best part is that his clothes make a women pull of a femme fatale look like no-one else. So if you got a booty to show off, then a Wang dress is for you.

Image source

And remember more than a dress it the confidence that lights that spark. So this holidays indulge in loads of self-love, rock your curves and party it-up. Curves are awesome, and they are to be shown off to the world not hidden under loads of ugly sweaters or big brown trench coat. So go out there this New Year, and show off your look to the world. 2017 is going to be your year.

Author Bio: Judy Robinson is an enthusiastic blogger who spends her entire day writing quality blogs. She is a passionate reader and loves to share quality content prevalent on the web with her friends and followers. Her forte is Fashion, Fitness and lifestyle, keeping a keen eye on latest trends in those industries. For more updates follow her on Twitter @judyrobinson

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