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NFL Super Bowl LIII Women

Super Bowl LIII: The 15 Hottest Players To Watch This Sunday!

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I know we all aren’t that crazy over the Super Bowl this year, due to the insufficient–and simply terrible–play calls during the playoffs. However, we are all still going to watch the game and we need to make the best of it. To most women, football is a year round season that is torture.

Football every Sunday, tailgating, cleaning, cooking all throughout regular season, and just when the regular season ends, you have the playoffs, Super Bowl and then a quick break before the draft, then training camp. Its like a never-ending bad dream for most women.

KhaDarel Hodge (@khadarelh)

No worries ladies! I have your back, as I am here to help you get through this Super Bowl and possibly lead you into high hopes for next season! I may even turn you into a football fan.

While you cook and BBQ and deal with screaming drunk men, be sure that you sit down and get time to watch the big game coming up, and not just for the commercials or halftime show. To your surprise, you may just end up liking football after all.

I have picked out the 15 hottest players in this year’s Super Bowl and trust me ladies you will be extremely disappointed if you miss this game! You will have to look closely on the field, and on the sidelines, to get a glimpse of these hotties! They are there and they are smoking hot!

Get out your cell phone and start doing your Internet searching, The game will be so much more enjoyable if for instance you catch a glimpse at KhaDarel Hodge on the field, we all know how great men look in uniform! 

I can say I’m extremely happy that I can stop internet stalking these sexy men and allow you women to do the dirty work!

James Develin (@jdevelin)

Happy Hunting!

In no particular order

TE Tyler Higbee #89 Rams
WR KhaDarel Hodge #11 Rams
OL Rodger Saffold #76 Rams
WR Cooper Kupp #18 Rams
QB Jared Goff #16 Rams
WR Pharoh Cooper #10 Rams
LB Mark Barron #26 Rams
DT Aaron Donald #99 Rams
WR Julien Edelman #11 Patriots
RB Rex Bulkhead #34 Patriots
DL Trey Flowers #98 Patriots
TE Rob Gronkowski #87 Patriots
WR Chris Hogan #15 Patriots
QB Tom Brady #12 Patriots
FB James Develin #46 Patriots

While your men are busy working their fantasy football teams, you can now work your own fantasy football team. Cheers to the Super Bowl ladies! I hope you enjoy. I know I will!

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