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Ms. X: Are You Married To A ‘Joshua Duggar’?

If you didn’t know who Ashley Madison was before yesterday, you sure know her now. Thanks to an epic hack that revealed the names of adulterers, spouses from all over have some extra closet space this morning. is a website for cheating spouses to hook up with one another. If the hack wasn’t entertaining enough, we learned of one very famous, holier than thou Christian who frequented the site
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Emotionally Cheating Creates Its Own Challenges In Relationships

I'll admit that I’m guilty of cheating. Not in the physical sort of way as in the "emotional" aspect department. It's too easy now-a-days to do so.  As there are so many dating apps, “friend finders”, and websites that it makes it difficult not to cheat. The stereotype is that men are more likely to cheat and women are likely to do it at the emotional level. The issue is that