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Brantley Gilbert: The Devil Don’t Sleep Album Review

Over the past couple of years, country music has been rapidly changing from traditional country to this new pop-style “bro-country.” Artists like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Sam Hunt are the ones headlining this move. However there’s one guy who is still kicking it old style while adding a southern rock twist to it, that being Brantley Gilbert. Gilbert is still a fresh face in the country world but
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CD Review: Midnight Syndicate Offer Up A Chilling Yule Tide Album With “Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering”

Just like many other people, I prefer that anything Christmas related be kept out of sight until AFTER Halloween. When I'm out shopping, I don't want to see any Christmas decor or hear any Christmas music playing over the store's sound system until November 1st at the VERY earliest. We all know that keeping it hidden away until after Thanksgiving is not even an option, but at least let Halloween
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“Compton” Album Review: Dr. Dre On Point

Fans of hip hop have waited since 1999 for this.   It was in 1999 that Dr. Dre released "Chronic 2001" his smash follow up album to his 1992 classic, "The Chronic."  Dr. Dre is an icon not only for hip hop, but music as a whole. He helped pioneer the gangsta rap era with N.W.A; helped build a classic (now defunct since his departure) label in Death Row Records; and
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“Dreams Worth More Than Money” Album Review: Meek Mill Stumped Creatively

Meek Mill is the Maybach Music Group’s aggressive, energetic, rapid-fire MC, who embodies a youthful exuberance blended with the mentality of an O.G.   On his first album “Dreams and Nightmares” he laid down one of the best intro-tracks of all time with the title track and was able to hit the airwaves with “Young and Gettin’ It”, “Amen” and even his bonus track with Big Sean “Burn.” He was making
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“Everything is 4” Album Review: Derulo Maintains Ability To Make Hits For Radio

There is a trend in today's music that says: it's not about the album - it's about the single.  A label doesn't really care about the direction you're taking the next album but they want to know what's going to get played on the radio and in the clubs. The single gets the ringtones, the commercials and the glory.  Luckily, Jason Derulo has the "Midas Touch" when it comes to
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“Wilder Mind” Album Review: Mumford and Sons show limited range in latest effort

The London-based band of Mumford and Sons have found a global audience and have received global acclaim to go with it. Their first two albums “Sign No More” and “Babel” were produced by Markus Davis and saw massive success.  In an era were musicians (rock artists in particular) do not sell in record numbers, Mumford and Sons were able to go against that norm with “Babel” selling over 600,000 units
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“ALLA” Album Review: Talented ASAP Rocky Stuck In A Rut

Coming out of Harlem, New York is Asap Rocky.  His road to hip hop stardom isn’t anything new: from a poor family, dealt drugs, saw death at an early age–began rapping–things happened. That’s not to belittle his journey – at all, but one wouldn’t get that “defeated while coming up” tone if they listened to Rocky’s music.  Some would call him more of a modern-day hippie–much like Wiz Khalifa and others.
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“Love Story” Album Review: Yelawolf Shows True Artistic Self

Yelawolf made a name for himself independently before signing with Eminem’s Shady Records in 2011. His first release with Shady Records was “Radioactive” and it’s success was underwhelming.  There wasn’t much promotion behind it and this went down as two consecutive failures for Eminem who also failed to do much with the release of the Slaughterhouse album a year later. Regardless of what Eminem does as a record executive, Yelawolf
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“No Pier Pressure” Album Review: Brian Wilson Delivers Commendable Effort

The term “living legend” gets thrown around carelessly at times, but if that’s the title to be bestowed upon Brian Wilson, it is well deserved and it’s the honest-to-God-truth.   Brian Wilson is the heart, brain and soul behind the legendary Beach Boys music group. Brian’s genius goes beyond song writing as he is also one of the most talented producers who ever lived.  He seemingly re-introduced how to use
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Kings Dead Review : “Revenge Of The Beast” Album, Solid And Ambitious.

Revenge of the Beast' (or #ROTB) is the sophomoric effort from the group "The Kings Dead" (formerly "The Dean's List"), and one of their most ambitious efforts to date. Following in the same vein as their earlier release 'Jerusalem', and expanding on its edgy, rough, and honest sound, Revenge of the Beast is what can only be described as a step in the right direction, solely because it feels so