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Taylor Swift: Criticism Of “Shake It Off”, Unwarranted (VIDEO)

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Two days after releasing her much-anticipated new single, “Shake It Off’ country/pop star, Taylor Swift has landed into some virgin territory—controversy.

The video, which shows Swift twerking and performing sexually overt gyrations, has caused a bit of a media firestorm online and all over social media, which is something that the multi-Grammy winning songstress is not akin to. While society can thanks to Miley Cyrus inserting the term “twerk” into our everyday vernacular, Taylor Swift is on a whole new level of notoriety.

Since the song’s release on Monday, various accusations have been hurled at Swift of the video being racist and promoting negative African-American stereotypes. Call it a case of over-sensationalism at it’s best in today’s hyper-sensitive, over-reacting, politically correct world that we live in, but Swift being racist is the same as saying that Lindsay Lohan still has an acting career.

Perhaps this writer is too old (38) and not hip and wired into today’s tween-twerking society, but after looking at the video, I fail to see what all the hoopla is about in terms of “Shaking It Off”.

I have no quarrel with Swift and actually think she is one of the best entertainers today.  She—unlike other pop stars—has managed to avoid bad publicity unlike Miley, Iggy Azalea, Nicky Manaj, etc.

That being said, the simple notion that her video went too far or crossing a line is not only unfounded but ignorant and short-sighted as we live in such a world where people love to hurl accusations anonymously and without facts, and are just looking for a reason to “hate” or create problems, which is just sad.

Perhaps these so-called people were expecting to hear another song bashing a famous ex, drone on about unrequited love or possibly go emo-punk, who knows, but the fact that Swift choose an edgier, more-upbeat direction appears to have caught many off-guard. It worked for Jewel in “Intuition”, so it can work for Swift too, right?

White or black, twerking is here to stay, and if people have a problem with a pop star such as Swift “twerking” than said people need to reassess their own life and issues first instead of creating unnecessary—and unwarranted attention.

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5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift: Criticism Of “Shake It Off”, Unwarranted (VIDEO)

    1. My sentiments exactly! It’s amazing how people are not choosing to nit-pick over various issues instead of using facts to substantiate one. Thanks for reading!

    2. Cause Swift represented a different target market for her music and to them it’s scandalous, even when it’s not even close to being a big deal

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