An email signature is probably the last thing your subscribers see when they finish reading your email. However, this doesn’t make it any less significant.

On the contrary, this is the main reason why you should invest time and effort into creating the perfect signature for your emails. If this is the last thing the subscribers see, then it most likely will be the thing they memorize the best, especially when a signature is good.

What exactly makes an email signature good and memorable? The design, of course! That’s why in this article, we want to share some email signature template ideas that could benefit your business.

1. Less is more.

There are plenty of things one can add to an email signature: all contact data, links, social media icons, and many more. An email signature can be colorful and full of information… however, would it help it stand out and be easy to remember? Not always.

On the other hand, a simple yet stylish signature that contains only the necessary information could easily attract attention, especially if a subscriber reads a few paragraphs of text before getting to it. The example below doesn’t have much text; however, it contains everything you need to know about the sender.

2. Simple graphics.

Company’s logo is the only graphic element your email signature should include; the others are optional. This doesn’t mean that you have to remove all visual elements from your email signature template — this only means that you can experiment.

Most email signatures have many icons, so when you decide to use a signature that has only a few icons, it immediately catches attention and looks unusual.

Furthermore, such signatures are a great way to drive your subscribers to social media channels that are the most important for your business. When the subscribers see five social media buttons, they are less likely to click on them than when they see only two.

3. One color only.

Using 2-3 colors in email signatures is generally a good practice. Using one is less common, but no less effective. Such an email signature template attracts attention and looks stylish despite its simplicity. Of course, it’s essential to choose the right color: it has to be one of your brand’s colors or match the color of your logo.

4. Original photo.

Of course, this email signature template won’t suit anyone: you have to be sure that creative and funny photos go well with the image of your business. If they do — feel free to experiment.

Photos generally make email signatures more personalized; photos with people freely expressing their emotions do that even better. If you are a blogger, a creative individual, or just one creating email signatures for the business that wants to look more informal and friendly, this template could be an excellent option for you.

5. Banners.

Want to promote a new event or drive more traffic to your company’s blog? Adding a banner to your email signature can help you achieve that.

Of course, it’s crucial to come up with a banner that matches the signature’s style. However, it’s easy to achieve when you create signature online free using professional email signature generators like Newoldstamp. Add a link to a campaign or blog post you want to promote, come up with a catchy headline, and wait for the results!

You can also use such email signature templates to offer some extra content to your subscribers, be it PDFs, eBooks, and so on.

6. Dividers.

These small vertical bars used in this email signature are also called ‘pipes.’ They help you save space, structure information, and increase the readability of your email signature. They also make an email signature look more appealing.

7. Alignment.

People like structure. An email signature that is adequately aligned immediately looks more neat, organized, and professional.

Furthermore, if you want something less serious-looking, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid aligning at any costs. It could look stylish too:

8. Hierarchy.

A good email signature is always easy to read and understand. Hierarchy plays an essential role in it: it helps the subscribers understand which part of the information they should read first.

Just like alignment, it applies to different business types and helps an email signature look more structured and not too serious (of course, if you don’t want it to). Take a look at the designer’s email signature that has a strong hierarchy yet looks interesting and creative at the same time:

Details matter. This rule is especially true when applied to email signatures. Even a small detail could make an email signature template look

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