Most people these days are aware of the concept of cloud computing – the ability to store files online and use the processing power of servers to perform complex operations remotely. In a very short time, the cloud has changed our expectations of online services provided by companies as diverse as Facebook, Vimeo and Adobe.

With the rise of mobile devices and improved connection speeds, our use of the cloud will only continue to grow in future. However, while most of us are already au fait with the base functions of the cloud, here are six intriguing facts about the tech that you possibly didn’t know.

Governmental use of the cloud: Governments around the world make by far the biggest use of cloud computing services. In the US alone, the government spends an estimated $2 billion annually on a mix of hybrid, private and public cloud provision – mostly for agencies and services.

Banking on the cloud: Of all market sectors which use the cloud, banks have the highest reliance on the technology. Virtual payment services like PayPal and Stripe have vastly increased the use of the cloud – and this will only increase as more and more mobile-based services enter the field. Moreover, digital currencies like Bitcoin rely on the cloud.

Cloud services improve company productivity and reduce costs: In a recent survey, 80% of respondents confirmed their company had enjoyed increased growth and improvement in their IT services within just five months of moving to cloud-based operations. Furthermore, the survey also suggested they benefitted from better online security, more reliable storage, reduced costs and a decrease in the number of IT experts they had to employ. Specialist cloud computing companies like 24×7 IT Solutions have vast experience in streamlining company operations and improving productivity through managed IT services.

The use of cloud computing is increasing – fast: By the end of this year, it’s expected 78% of all US companies will have adopted cloud computing to some degree or moved their full operations online. Greater investment in the cloud will allow providers to make further investment in their in-house technology thereby improving their level and range of services.

Cloud storage is going to be huge: At current growth rates, cloud storage is predicted to total 40 zettabytes at the end of 2020. However, this estimate was made before the massive migration to online cloud services during the coronavirus pandemic, so the final figure going into 2021 is likely to be considerably more.

The cloud sector offers great employment opportunities: Approximately 60% of companies around the world are looking for employees with cloud computing skills – and this figure will increase as our use of the technology grows. Furthermore, the sector offers great opportunities for upward company mobility and promotion. With more and more providers coming online, the employment opportunities in cloud computing look very strong going forward. While many other industries fear a rise in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), a job in cloud services should offer considerable career stability and a constant stream of possible vacancies.




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