The internet has changed the way people connect with their loved ones and friends, buy goods and services, as well as search for information on health issues. These days, patients can use different telehealth tools to help them manage their health care and get the necessary services.

How Does Telehealth Work?

Telehealth involves the use of computers and mobile devices to access health care services without going to a doctor’s clinic and managing one’s health. Often, it includes the following:

  • Virtual doctor visits- Telehealth in Bakersfield allows patients to make appointments with their healthcare providers through a videoconferencing application. Through virtual appointments, patients receive care for minor issues or follow-up appointments. Videoconferencing lets medical experts access the health care plan of their patients and give them further instructions.
  • Electronic health record (HER) patient portals- With these portals, patients can access their health records including test results. Also, these portals let patients refill medications, schedule appointments, or speak with their doctors directly. They save health care organizations time and money they could spend sending letters or making phone calls to their patients.
  • Personal health management- This feature of telehealth lets patients keep track of their health using certain applications. For instance, they can use blood pressure monitors to keep track of their vitals and send real-time data to their doctors using some monitors. Also, healthcare providers can track the fitness activity of their patients through fitness applications.

Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth offers the following benefits:

Telehealth eliminates the need to drive to the doctor’s office and sit in a waiting room while dealing with one’s sickness. A patient can see their doctor from their home. They can easily fit their virtual visits into their schedule. Depending on the schedule, it may no longer be necessary for a patient to take some time off of work or hire child care services.

Moreover, telehealth appointments help doctors pre-screen patients for potential infectious diseases. Also, sick people do not need to come to an office when they consult with their doctors online. Reducing exposure to the germs of other people helps everyone, particularly chronically ill people, pregnant women, and those whose immune system has been compromised.

With telehealth, doctors can see a patient in their home environment. For instance, allergy specialists can determine clues in a patient’s surroundings that cause allergies. Patients with mental health issues can also consult with a mental health expert online.

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