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Real-time marketing refers to promoting your product or service by interacting with your customers anytime and anywhere. This type of marketing goes hand in hand with the developments in social media and digital marketing and requires knowledge of the points at which customer interactions can occur. Real-time marketing often uses national or international events, as well as trends, to attract attention to a brand and communicate with potential customers.

Digital Minds Agency reports that perhaps one of the best examples of real-time marketing was when Germany won 7-1 against Brazil in a semi-final match at the 2014 World Cup. A German radio channel, Radio Bayern 3, took this loss as an opportunity to promote themselves by sharing a YouTube video in which a German beer crushes a Brazilian cocktail.

Whether you are sold on the idea of real-time marketing or need more convincing, here are just some of the benefits of this time-sensitive marketing strategy.

Better Customer Engagement

Real-time marketing, from resources such as is all about promoting a brand by creating meaningful customer engagement that goes beyond posting generic messages on social media. It lets a company use current events and trends to start a dialogue that resonates with potential costumes. According to Smart Insights, this approach can increase customer engagement by as much as 76 percent and positive sentiment towards a brand by 56 percent.

More Content Diversity

Posting a diverse range of content ensures that you reach different types of audience. While establishing yourself as an expert in your field through blogs and more complex pieces of content is crucial, time-sensitive bite-sized marketing is just as important. Witty tweets and graphics are quick, attention-grabbing ways to engage your audience. They also tend to be more digestible and memorable than longer material.

Increased Sense of Urgency

Sharing timely snippets of information supports the sense of urgency you want to be associated with your product. For example, associating your product with the latest events or trends can make it more appealing, motivating people to buy it. In addition, offering promo codes, special deals and limited offers can also feed into building this sense of urgency in your customers.

Identifies and Creates Brand Advocates

Since real-time marketing motivates engagement, it can help you identify customers – or influencers with powerful voices –  that could potentially promote your product. Once you identify these people, you can target them with customized content or appealing promotional campaigns to convert them into fans of your brand.

Does Not Cost a Fortune

Compared to advertising, real-time marketing is an inexpensive way to promote your product. As such, being active on social media – and connecting your product with current topics of conversations – is one of the best ways for small businesses to get their name in front of a large audience.




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