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The Best and Free Affiliate Marketing Courses

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Affiliate Marketing Courses

How about sitting in your chair, relaxing at home and also earning at least 60K $ per month? Sounds interesting and super fun? Yeah, everybody usually wants to lead a life like that. But as everything has a price so does earn money like that has one. To earn money like that in such a big amount can only be possible by earning money through online resources. One of them is to do affiliate marketing.

In simple language, Affiliate Marketing is defined as making money online by promoting other people’s or another brand ’s products. If the referral link that you provide to people generates traffic which in turn generates a sale, then you receive a commission for that referral. Now there are many ways that you can earn money through this but ultimately your basic job is to land traffic on the page of the seller whose product you are promoting. You can do this by providing ads or your links on social networking sites. But, there are different types of making money. You can either do it by free traffic or paid traffic. There are pros and cons related to everything but in the long run, a business that runs on free traffic is superior because it’s completely hands-off business that keeps making money for you. Before you move on to the affiliate marketing courses you first need to know that why you should take these courses and what benefits you will get through these courses.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Hassle-free: You just have to promote other people’s product; hence you don’t have to bother about the fulfillment of customer’s needs.
  • You always get your payment: Because you have cookies for that matter which checks the track visitors and you get paid according to that.
  • A large amount of money: If your affiliate links are unique and you consider that it has the strength and the future of generating a huge market then it has the money according to that.
  • Easy to learn: It is easy to learn but very difficult to master so as long as you get the right mentor and right training for that matter you are bound to do some damage.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Super competitive: The substantial challenge is that if your link doesn’t generate any traffic and have no visitors then you possibly can’t generate any money.
  • Some of the offers might have low-priced commission rates: As all the persons are not created like each other, hence the affiliate offers were not created equal. Some generate more percentage of money per sale while some just don’t in spite of huge traffic on them.
  • Affiliate Marketing is highly over-rated: Often we come to hear that some person made six figures money in just a month by selling this product. It doesn’t come over-night, it may be because of some ads on their link which generates money.
  • You always feel that you couldn’t build up your own brand: While promoting other peoples product and maintaining their brand quality your diligence just goes in for promoting their product.

Since now you know the pros and cons of Affiliate Marketing, you should know that there are pros as well as cons related to everything and so is to Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

To get the knowledge of Affiliate Marketing courses, here are some of the best and free courses:

1). Traffic Master Academy by Gerry Cramer:

In this course, he teaches how to drive traffic to the page of the offers and the products by using Facebook ads. His other courses include Rise Academy and Mentor Me. Mentor Me is one such coaching where the people get hired to teach the students and you get a basic learning experience through that but that course teaches you how to bring paid traffic to your site, but it usually becomes really tiring and complicated since Facebook usually doesn’t support such type of ads.

2). Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James of Project Life Mastery:

Stefan’s approach is to build your own affiliate marketing business by telling the story behind the product that sells maybe your own personal story. He has over 6 figures multiple online brand of project Life Mastery with over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and his site projectlifemastery.com is a highly ranked personal development blog that he’s been working on since 2012. He teaches you certain things and gives you tips based on his personal experience and how he is where he is and it is really inspirational and motivational.

3). Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System by John Crestani:

It is probably one of the best affiliate marketing courses as it teaches you all the ways by which affiliates generate their traffic like through SEO/ Google organic rankings, Facebook ads, and native ads. It just costs 47$ and it is a great place to seek knowledge.

Other Affiliate Marketing Courses Which You Can Try:

  • Internet Lifestyle Academy- Mike Vestil
  • Aversity Gold Masterclass- Sean Bagheri
  • Affiliate Marketing Champ-ODI Productions
  • Affiliate Marketing Revolution- Luca De Stefani and many more.


Overall, affiliate marketing used to be very famous when it was built and now it is all over a different game now. Back then, people would create a bunch of different pages on their affiliate sites so that they can target all the different iterations of a simple phrase which resulted in a bunch of low-quality pages getting ranked to the top of Google and with Panda update Google removed all of this nuisance and now it has made affiliate marketing by ranking sites a lot more difficult and a lot more challenging. That is why generating income online with free traffic is the Holy Grail and so you should focus more on local lead generation business as you have got to compete only with 20-30 local companies rather than thousands of affiliate marketers.

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