Congratulations on your big day. Aside from your significant other, your long life companion has to have a spotlight on them too. For one to classify the four-legged champ as merely a pet is an enormous understatement. They are part of our families, no arguments there. People these days even have custom pyjamas with photo of their dogs printed on them. Regardless of the many precious valuables that they’ve knocked down or how many pizza slices they have stolen; your big day would be unimaginable without the dog at the wedding.

It has become natural to see weddings with dogs playing a big part. And for those looking for dog clothes for dog lovers, that is why there are so many dog weddings wear available today. Remember not to get carried away though as they are pretty perfect already.

So how can you dress your furry friend for the wedding?

1. A Clip on Tie

You can decide to go off the normal dog wedding ideas for attire and settle for a clip on tie instead. It is readily available and can get one from the kids’ section of the nearest department store around you. It makes a beautiful addition to a dog collar. You can also add a couple of flowers to give it an exotic look. You can purchase one that color coordinates with the bridesmaid dresses.

2. Dog Tuxedo for Weddings

Who doesn’t look good in a tux, right? Formal clothes are the most popular for a dog at the wedding. You can customize the dog tuxedo to fit your pooch perfectly. It may be a bit pricey, but hey, it’s the perfect dog suit for wedding.

3. Tuxedo Bow Tie Dog Harness

Instead of going for the tuxedo suit, you can settle for a tuxedo bow. It is simple but elegant. The best thing about a harness design is how comfortable it is on a dog and stays in place throughout the ceremony. It also comes in handy if you’re looking to attach a leash to ensure Fido doesn’t get too playful or dives into the wedding cake!

The harness can be bought in different colors depending on the theme that you will have. It is also affordable if you’re on a tight budget.

4. Flowered Wedding Dog Collar

A dog at the wedding doesn’t have to be in a wedding dress. You can make the event more colorful by purchasing flowered wedding dog collar instead. It is the perfect wear more so if your canine is the maid of honor! It’s gorgeous and classy, to say the least. You can choose from different colors and designs.

5. Pearl Necklace

A dog in wedding dress is cute, but there are a lot of dog wedding accessories that you can use instead on this big day. Our pets love accessories just like we do. So how about you make her feel like a princess? You can achieve this by purchasing a simple but elegant beaded necklace that is tied off with a cute bow in the back. Other accessories that you can use include:

● Customized bandanas

● Necklaces

● Cuffs and anklets

● Tiaras

● And if you are bold, wigs

6. Floral Dog Harness

Are you going for bright colors? A colorful floral dog harness is a perfect choice. The advantage of floral designs is they are in season all the time! Hence the color preference will be your choice.


Tips for Photography with a Dog at the Wedding

Nailed the perfect dog wedding wear? The other important part of the ceremony is including your dog at the wedding in the photographs. Here is what you need to know, photographing a dog is never easy. All the perfect wedding photos you see of couples and dogs had a lot of effort put into them.

Below is how you can nail wedding photography with dogs:

Bring treats – Find ways to play with the treats to make them look up at the camera and reward them after.

Do the shoot in stages – Their attention span is small so avoid prolonged shoots for the perfect picture.

Choose the perfect photographer – Find a photographer that has a dog or works with animals, understanding your canine needs will be easy for them.


Having your dog at the wedding is special. As much as you would like to spend every minute of the day with them, this is not always the case. Grooms have the best man and brides, the maid of honor, have someone back up your dog too. Make sure they get in their daily exercise before the big day to avoid them running all over the place. Do not use a leash unless it’s necessary.

Lastly, as you choose the wedding location, double check that they are pet-friendly to avoid disappointments at the last minute.

Are you looking forward to dressing your dog for your wedding? Which outfits would you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

About the writer: Rachel Burns is an animal lover and journalist based in Dallas. Writing about animals is a job of her dreams. When she’s not writing or spending time with her beloved dog, Charles, she enjoys road cycling. Connect with Rachel on Facebook.


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