Transferring all of your possessions is difficult enough as it is without needing to relocate your vehicle as well. However, don’t worry as there are various stress-free options for shipping vehicle to Hawaii during a stressful home moving process.

Shipping a car is an excellent way to transport it safely and with slight wear and tear from its original location to its desired location.

However, transporting a vehicle is not a one-size-fits-all option. Instead, there are a variety of choices available to meet your particular moving requirements.

What to Consider When Transporting A Car

When it comes to moving, your vehicle can be both a burden and a significant benefit. There are various aspects to consider when shipping car from Hawaii to mainland.

These will affect not only the means of transport but also the detail of how it is delivered. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Vehicle Condition

Without a doubt, all transportation services will do everything possible to keep your vehicle in good condition.

However, some vehicles, such as high-priced antique automobiles, are more vulnerable to specific situations and may require a higher level of coverage than an average family car.

  • Vehicle Price

The price of transferring a vehicle will vary based on the service options you select. Therefore, you should find yourself seeking a reasonable balance between price and service.

  • Delivery Schedule

Transporting an automobile or any vehicle is time-consuming, but both quicker and slower means of transportation are available. Of course, accelerated service can be costlier than slower shipping services.

  • Paperwork

Dealing with each provider separately might result in having to juggle numerous contracts. In addition, there will be a lot of paperwork involved in the entire procedure.

Furthermore, certain cars, such as electric cars, may require additional papers to function in the new state.

Three Best Ways to Transport Your Car

Of course, the operator will do all necessary to avoid damage and keep your car secure while delivering it.

However, there are numerous methods for shipping a vehicle that determines the levels of security and protection provided. The top three ways are as follows:

  • Open-Air Truck

Using a commercial vehicle transporter is the most common way to transfer a vehicle across borders. Conversely, most commercial car transporters carry vehicles in open-air trailers similar to those used to transport new cars.

If you live in the United States or Canada, you can visit car transporter websites to make inquiries and request pricing estimates. In addition, shipping companies will often provide a shipping window ranging from one to three weeks.

When speaking with the transporters, remember to ask them specific questions regarding how your vehicle will be delivered. For example, most transporters will transport automobiles between significant cities, offloading and reloading the cars onto other carriers to make the operations more economical.

However, while open-air truck shipping is often less expensive than the others, it may not provide your vehicle with adequate safeguards. After all, your car will be put onto the back of an exposed trailer, leaving it more exposed to the elements.

Nonetheless, it allows for cost-effective transportation that does not contribute to the wear and tear of your car.

  • Enclosed Truck

If you are worried about the impact of the weather on your car, you should consider opting for an enclosed trailer. Although it is more expensive, it protects your vehicle from the environment, potential vandals, and other shipping concerns.

Generally, the cost of this shipping option is roughly 60% higher. However, if you’re hauling in the dead of winter or if you have a brand new car, it could be worth it. In addition, you should ensure that the shipper provides enough insurance in any scenario.

  • Cargo Container

The other option you have is shipping your car via a cargo container. This is the safest alternative so far. Your vehicle is put into its separate container with no other vehicles or cargo, eliminating the majority of potential shipping risks.

Cargo containers are typically 20 to 40 feet long. However, there are other sizes available as well. For this shipping option, you will need to find a service that offers this vehicle transportation.

Moreover, you must provide them with all of the essential legal documentation to assist you in transporting your vehicle through borders.

However, you can relax more with this transportation option since your automobile will be loaded and carefully secured in a cargo container, ensuring that it does not wobble during shipment.

When we talk about transporting a vehicle to Hawaii, you may believe it’s as simple as getting in and driving there. However, you should know that you cannot drive to Hawaii from the mainland of the United States.

Hawaii is a tiny cluster of islands in the center of the Pacific Ocean. Due to the distance, no road ties connect the mainland United States and the Aloha State. Furthermore, even if there were a ferry service, it would not have enough gas for the long voyage.


With that said, if possible, prepare ahead of time to give yourself enough time to get the most fantastic bargain with the ideal transport company.

If you’re not sure where to go, Car Shipping Hawaii is always an excellent option. After all, it has been in the game for years and has given many people peace of mind in transporting their vehicles.

A professional transport company, such as Car Shipping Hawaii, not only has access to the necessary tools and carriers to transfer your car correctly, but it also has the contacts to give you better rates and make the cross-border movement of your cargo easier.

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