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The Digital Marketer’s Best Friend: Tips and Tricks for Powerful SEO

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In today’s digital age, everyone relies on the internet for information sharing and communication. From social media to editorial publications, a quick Google search is all a person needs to go shopping, read the news, or plan a vacation.

With this in mind, millions of websites are out there to find, which can be detrimental to a small business owner who is just starting out. This is where digital marketing can come in. You can use a few proven tips and tricks to boost your website’s visibility online and get more potential customers knocking on your door.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a series of digital marketing techniques and strategies with the goal of having your website show up on the first page of a Google search result. Considering that 60 percent of all search engine clicks go to the top three results on the first Google page, it is incredibly important for any business owner to invest in this technique to even the playing field between them and their competitors.

Because of the sheer nature of the constantly evolving internet, SEO is always changing. This can be overwhelming for beginners, but some tried-and-true methods work no matter on how often Google changes.

SEO Tips and Tricks

Link building

To determine your position on their search engine results, Google uses bots, known sometimes as spiders, to crawl your website and see what is on there. One of the best ways to let Google know you are a quality website is link building companies and having a diverse backlink profile. Simply put, a backlink profile is the number of websites that link to you (inbound links) and the number of websites you link to (outbound links). The more quality websites you have linking to you that are relevant to your industry and niche, the higher chances are Google will rank you higher in their result page.

Delete unnecessary pages

Known as zombie pages, these are pages on your website that don’t bring in any traffic and are unnecessary. Google spiders crawl every single page of your website, and the fewer you have, the more time you have to focus on creating quality content on your existing pages. And Google loves quality content — so make it a habit of regularly going through your website to remove unnecessary additions.

Look at your competitors

Take a look to see what your competitors are up to. Take a look at what they are doing on social media, what they’re writing about on their website, and what their domain rating is. See what seems to be successful for them, and what isn’t working, and try to think of some ideas on how to adapt those to what you are now doing. When you know how you stack up against others in the same area, you’ll have some ideas on where to start your marketing efforts.

Double-check your on-site SEO

Even if you aren’t in tune with web development and have no idea how the coding of a website works in the background, you can make a few on-site SEO changes to pack a big punch. On-page SEO is best described as the front-end of your website, what readers see. When writing your content, it’s a good idea to add:

● H1 headers to all titles

● A meta description for all blogs

● A page title

● Your contact information on every page, or at least on the header and footer.

Powerful SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. It just requires some commitment, consistency, and resilience to see results. With these tips in mind, you will be on your way to boosting online visibility and creating a quality website.

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