Gogo PDF is a web-based tool that is accessible anywhere you are. You can add watermark, merge, convert, split, or protect your PDFs instantly without the need to download the software. Besides that, you can use the site and its tools effectively without registering and paying for it. Isn’t it amazing? So here are three of its handy tools you can operate efficiently:

Add Watermark

Anything can go viral in just a click in the era that we live in today. Once you publicly uploaded content online, you are giving unauthorized people have an opportunity about that content. Without putting a watermark, these people might take ownership of the content from you. It is now a vital thing to place a watermark on your files, and you always should do it to avoid anything of that to happen. Files with a watermark will protect your files and you from content theft, mainly if that file contains crucial information.

You can always protect your files from things like that to happen by putting a watermark and a PDF tool that can effectively help you. With the use of GogoPDF’s Add Watermark function, you can quickly put a watermark on your PDF files in a reliable way. You can either have an image or text watermark for your files and even choose the location where it appears. Adding a watermark is hassle-free with this function. Below are the necessary steps on how to add watermark to PDF:

  1. Upload the PDF file that you need to put a watermark on.
  2. If you choose text watermark, type in the text in the bar provided. And if you want an image watermark, you can drag the image from your device.
  3. Once complete, you can now press the button that says “Add Watermark.” Wait for the process to finish.
  4.  Your freshly watermarked file is now ready to share and download.

Merge PDF

You have tons of files lying around on your computer, it’s irritating to look at, but you don’t want to remove or delete them because you may need them in the future. That’s okay if you have a massive amount of storage space, but if you only have limited space on your device, it will result in a slowdown of the device’s operating system. But don’t panic because you can always do something about it. You can merge into one PDF file all your PDFs.

Instead of saving them in a folder one by one, you can merge multiple files into one PDF document. And you can achieve that goal if you use the Merge PDF tool of GogoPDF. Choosing the arrangement of the pages is also possible so you can easily find all the files. Doing the merging will not take too long to process, even if you decide to merge two or more files. Besides that, the merge process will replace no layout or words. The combined result is of high-quality. Follow these four easy stages to achieve the merging of PDF:

  1. Get your multiple PDF files and upload them to the merging box.
  2. The system will start the combing process.
  3. Click the necessary button and wait while they are finished merging the files.
  4. After the process is complete, you will have your new merged PDF file ready to download.

Convert PDF

Many people have used PDF because it is the most reliable format to exchange and present data or documents. It is undoubtedly the handiest and most secure document format that you can quickly transfer via the web. However, there will be a point in your life that you will not need PDF, especially if you want to have a more accurate file for your data, like an Excel file, Word document, PowerPoint slides, JPG image, and many more. All you need is to convert the PDF file into your desired document format when you have to. You can do the copy and pasting process, but doing so will only consume so much of your time.

You can always go the most straightforward way, use the convert tool of GogoPDF. It will quickly convert your PDF files into a particular format and vice versa. This efficient tool will convert your files quickly without damaging the file’s original formatting. In just a few clicks, you have your files transform into a file format you desire. Here are straightforward steps to convert your files:

  1. Choose the file you want to convert into a PDF or vice versa.
  2. GogoPDFs software will proceed by extracting and scanning the file.
  3. Wait while the system copies all the layout of the original file. Wait until the process is complete.
  4. Save and download your freshly converted file.


Everything you need for your PDFs, GogoPDF is capable of that. You will never feel any distress using their tool because its accuracy level is 100%. Visit the GogoPDFs site now and use their efficient tool now!

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