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“In my experience trying to “get rich quick” or looking for an easy way to make money is exactly the opposite of what a true entrepreneur would do. It takes hard work and a lot of hours to become successful. Even with all of that you can still fail. What’s important is that you continue to learn from your mistakes and work harder and smarter the next time around.”, said Brandon Mimms who is a social media management and digital marketing entrepreneur. Brandon Mimms was born and raised in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. He always had an entrepreneurial mindset which helped him make valuable connections and meet people he would not have met otherwise. He knew he had a passion for digital marketing. He worked hard for content creation and monetization throughout high school. After school, he decided to pursue an education in Sales and Marketing. As soon as he graduated he began working temporarily, got a 9-5 job to pay his bills and also started creating, experimenting, and maintaining his very first Twitter account. He began to recognize patterns in its content promotion algorithm, learnt that the largest growing accounts often had a female demographic with content focused on popular media, fashion and trends and soon became proficient in getting his content to go viral. As a result, he got over 500,000 followers more advertising opportunities, built his network, and built a business around social media marketing. Brandon quickly became known as the go-to guy who could scale social media pages.  Today he has built his network into over 10 million total followers across 20 highly sought-after pages. Brandon’s pages have become cash cows, generating consistent daily revenues, part of which he reinvests into growing his business. He works with multinational corporations such as PUBG, Runescape, and E11Gaming. Brandon has built and sold over 20 other pages to various college football teams across North America.  When asked about the most exciting thing about his business, he said, “Currently, growth excites me most about all my business endeavours. I love taking something from the bottom or starting from scratch and making it into everything I envisioned & more. It is amazing getting to see the outcome of all the hours I put in and seeing the impact I have on my audience makes it all worthwhile.” Brandon Mimms says, “I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Just like my accounts, I am continuously growing. My network, outreach and influence continue to grow with every transaction and post I make. I am always growing, expanding my knowledge and learning about the latest and greatest. I plan to continue growing my brand on social media and hope to be a mentor for young individuals fresh on the social media scene. I will continue investing my time, money and hard work into my businesses.” Media Contact Information Brandon Mimms Website: Email: Instagram:

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