The furniture you place in your café is very important. Sometimes your business will require you to arrange furniture in a certain way or to arrange it depending on the structure of the building. Chairs and tables are probably the most important. They are used by almost every customer who will step into your café. Your staff will also use them often. Here are a few things you need to consider as you buy your furniture.

1. Make sure it is suited to your height – If you plan on having a small office in your café, you need to ensure that the tables and chairs are not shorter or taller than you. Your feet need to reach the ground so that you sit and you can also work on your table without feeling uncomfortable.

2. Ensure that they are of the right size – You need to get furniture that can be used by more than one person at a time and that customers can easily sit on comfortably. They should also not be so big that they take too much space or you cannot walk comfortably.

3. High quality – Strong and high quality furniture will not get worn out quickly. It will also leave a good impression on your customers. The furniture will also need to be stylish and easy to clean. If your staff finds it hard to clean, it could affect their productivity. Even if it costs you a lot, you need to get furniture that will last for long. Ensure that you do not overstretch your budget while buying the furniture.

4. It should be movable and social – The furniture you purchase should be easily moved by customers. The chairs need not be so heavy that the customers cannot move them or cannot turn them as they walk. This way, customers who visit your café will easily be able to move in and out of your café. The more adjustable the setting of your café is, the more you will be able to change the design of your café.

5. Brand – If you do not know a certain brand or the brand does not give you any guarantees on their furniture, it’s always safe not to buy from them. If you are not sure on where to buy your furniture or you don’t know which brand suits you best, you can ask for a referral or search online for the most popular furniture brands. Online sites such as will help ease your search.

6. Comfort – Buy furniture which is comfortable for you. Your furniture design will show your personal style. Most probably the furniture you do not like will also not be liked by your customers. If it does not speak comfort to your customers, most of them will often buy from you and then leave. If a customer is not comfortable, he or she may not come back to your café. You need to get chairs that are supportive and that can easily be used by small children or the elderly.

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