Sleep issues are not only frustrating and excessively tiring; they do have certain health implications as well. Due to sleep issues, there is an increased risk of stroke and heart issues. Sleep issues like insomnia, sleep apnea, poor circulation, early waking, and restlessness are often attributed to a bad mattress.


If you are not able to sleep properly every night then you may be suffering from insomnia. You lie down in bed trying to sleep. For hours you are hoping to feel sleepy but sleep is forever elusive to you. Chronic insomnia is also referred to as habitual sleeplessness and affected almost 10 percent of the adult population. For those who are working, the perpetual lack of sleep could be really detrimental to health. The mental and physical impact of sleep deprivation is intense and quite drastic at times. Your mattress could be the probable culprit for your lack of sleep every night.

You must start following an effective and healthy nighttime routine. You need to restrict your caffeine intake at bedtime and must stop using the mobile. Examine your mattress to see if it is an old mattress with features like sagging or bumps & lumps that adversely affect your sleep. See if your mattress offers the right support. You must invest in a mattress that has been specially crafted for optimal sleep and overall comfort. Your mattress must maintain a pretty comfortable temperature. Choose your mattress after a lot of deliberation and make sure that the mattress fulfills your unique requirements. Browse silk and snow review online for more information.

Poor circulation

Poor circulation implies constricted blood flow throughout the body. If you wake up in the morning and find that your fingers or sometimes your hand feels pretty strange and you are just not able to move them then you may be experiencing poor circulation issues.

The constant sensation of numbness and tingling in your legs and arms is quite disturbing and when you experience this at night, you just feel shattered and obviously, do not welcome it at all. Poor circulation could trigger tossing and turning at night and fatigue and grogginess the next morning.

It is time to replace your old mattress. You must invest in a good mattress that boosts blood circulation. Choose a specially engineered mattress that would eliminate pressure points and enhance lumbar support. This mattress would be instrumental in improving your spinal alignment. An enhanced spine alignment means natural blood flow all through the body.

Your mattress should be your prime concern. You may invest in a good mattress even if it works out quite expensive. A properly crafted mattress could keep sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, poor circulation at bay and facilitate sound and peaceful sleep. Your mattress must be breathable and you should be able to sleep comfortably.


Sleep disorders and issues must be treated by replacing the old mattress and sleeping on a cozy mattress. The mattress should possess the perfect features.

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