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Things to ponder while selecting an ice fishing tent

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When you’re selecting a shelter, there’re some essential factors that you need to consider. If you want to purchase a shelter that holds up against all elements and a large one that fulfills all your needs, then there are some other elements that you need to consider while selecting an ice fishing tent.


It is the first factor that you need to consider while selecting a tent. If you choose something very flimsy, then during the high winds, you’ll end up severe tears. Depending on the location, you can estimate the strength of the wind. The place where I live, in winter it’s never getting too windy there, so that’s why I select the one made up of nylon material and a thin canvas which is lighter to carry and cheaper as well.

If you live far up North, then you can select a durable and thick one made with a poly-cotton blend, but it can be more costly.


The next essential factor is your shelter’s size. You can find different sizes of ice fishing tents that can hold 5 or 6 persons inside or only one person as well. The shelters made up for one person come with a standard traveling case, and they are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry with you while traveling.

If you travel with so much equipment but do fishing alone most of the time, then you also need to buy a two-person shelter. It will provide you with enough space for you and your equipment as well. Consider that if you’re managing with your equipment in a single-person tent, then it will provide you with less space for yourself.


Ice fishing shelters are available in many different styles and shapes. There are also some standard frame tents that need you to make the frame and then cover it as you prepare the frame. It will take you time, and if you’re out in cold or winter, then it will take you an hour to put the tent together, and that’s the last thing which you want to do.

There is another option of “one-minute” shelters that build up by themselves after you take them out from the bag. These will provide you with ease and save your time, but again, if you’re going on a place where the wind hits hard, then don’t use these instant shelters because the frame inside them is usually weak.

Seating and Comfort

Many tents are available with a built-in sitting or chairing system. Usually, these seats are not comfortable. But they prove a benefit that you don’t need to take extra chairs with you.

There are some other factors which you need to pay attention to, such as the height of the shelter. Many shelters stretch to 7 or 8 feet, and some are low as 5 feet.


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