For individuals across the board and around the globe, there is a lot to be said about the fact that the human experience differs drastically depending largely on individual circumstances and the way that they navigate their way through life. There are many different living pieces involved in any individual’s quality of life, all of which are important and valuable in and of themselves and which have their own role to play. The relationships that we forge and build on throughout a lifetime some of the most important moving pieces involve the quality of life that there is.


This is especially true in the case of romantic relationships. The balancing act of maintaining a healthy relationship is definitely a learning curve. In a world that continues to become busy all the time, it can be overwhelming to know how to even begin approaching being able to balance and maintain a healthy relationship in a way that is able to be meaningful and sustainable in the long term as well as in the everyday, even when things are challenging. So, what are the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship?


  1. Communication is key

Like any healthy relationship of any kind, there is an incredible importance placed upon clear communication. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get your points across and feeling like your partner did not hear you or does not value what you have to say. Communication is key. And this means anything from communicating when you are frustrated to keeping communication open when things are good so that overall your communication language together and independently is healthy and strong.


2. Be consistent with quality time

Whether it is choosing to go on date nights every week or investing in high quality couple sex toys (to name just a few examples of quality time with one’s partner), the reality is that being consistent with quality time is one of the biggest and most important ways to ensure that you are constantly paying attention to your partner and putting in the effort that is required to keep your relationship sustainable and positive. All too often, individuals that the chaos of everyday life get in the way however it is always going to be incredibly important to focus on maintaining healthy relationships in a way that is able to be built upon and understood in even the most challenging of times.


3. Encourage one another to have their own time

 While your relationship is indeed important, it is also important to continue to grow in bold as individuals. Encouraging and believing in one another’s capacity to have their own time to themselves is one of the healthiest practices that you can have in any relationship, especially one where you are in a romantic relationship with another individual. Allowing and encouraging your partner to have their own time to do what is important to them allows them to grow as individuals while also feeling like their relationship with you is meaningful and adds value to their life. That is the ultimate balance and it is one that is very much worthwhile pursuing.




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