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Tips For Conversing With a Lady on The Phone

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If your first date with a lady has been successful, you will certainly do everything possible to make another one happen and without a doubt, you will be looking forward to it. Certainly, you will have to make a phone call in order to schedule for the date and this can be a scary endeavor for most men as they do not want to mess things up. However, if you are calm, casual and prepared for the phone call, you can be confident that the odds of a second date will be on your favor. Let us delve a little deeper in these aspects and give you the best questions to ask your crush!

Keep It Casual

When it comes to calling a lady that you have recently met, it’s important to keep things casual. This includes keeping the conversations manageable and short. So, avoid calling several times a day and revealing too much about yourself. Most ladies don’t fancy a man who is too pushy when trying to get a second date. Telling her ‘I enjoyed the time we had together and would like to hang out again this weekend’ is way casual that saying, ‘Can you come over and spend the night at my place?’ Keep the phone conversations fun and lighthearted.

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Conversing With a Lady

Be Ready

Running out of things to say on the phone is the biggest fear for men. To prevent this from happening, write down a number of things to potentially talk about. This could be about the current events, stories from the week and any other fun or interesting projects you might be working on. Have the list on hand when making the phone call and ensure you do not sound like you are speaking from a script. It’s also wise to ensure you’re comfortable before making the call by listening to some enjoyable music and even drinking a glass of water.

Don’t Play Games

Most men out there are convinced that one of the best ways to win a lady is by playing games. A good example is by waiting for a long period before calling a lady back. Waiting more than 2 days before calling a lady back will make them think that you are not interested. In the initial stages of a relationship, avoid texting as messages can be easily misinterpreted. Also, avoid being someone you are not by reading and using pickup lines online. Using someone else’s trick to win a lady will ultimately be found out and they will be less interested in you.

Use a Natural Rhythm

The phone conversation’s rhythm is very crucial. There are numerous ways to mess with the rhythm of a conversation on the phone and one way is by just talking about yourself. An excellent way to prevent this is by turning the conversation back to her after talking about yourself. Trying to be unnaturally funny is another easy way to throw off the rhythm. It’s alright to make one or two jokes, but unless you are a professional standup comedian, too many jokes will seem forced and awkward. Just talk naturally as you would to your friend or acquaintance.

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