You might not have known this but cyclists actually do get the ladies! There is something about a man on a bike that girls just can’t get enough of. If you are wondering why this is so, allow me to enlighten you!

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They’ve got self-confidence

It’s easy for cyclists to stop a cute lady in her tracks and start opening up to her. Nothing gets your juices flowing more showing off your calves, riding at an elevated position, almost feeling superior to those around you.

Remember that you are hot, sweaty, and slightly out of breath. The love hormones (endorphins) in your body are getting released at peak levels and this is all the motivation you need to approach her without hesitation.

You are in the perfect hunting ground when riding your bike, so whispering sweet nothings to a cute lady you’ve just met should not be a problem.

Bikers are determined

Going out for a ride in harsh weather conditions or rugged terrain is not something everyone was built for. It takes a special kind of determination, only seen in cyclists, to take on these bumpy surfaces in not-so-ideal situations.

This determination does not stop in the biking track; cyclists are just as motivated when seeking out a love interest. They are not easy to shake off and will face off with any obstacles to get the girl they have set their sights on.

It’s a good thing that women appreciate it when a man goes above and beyond the call of duty to impress them. This works in favor of cyclists.


At the start of each stage of the Giro d'Italia, podium girls hold umbrellas over the competitors to protect them from the sun. Photo by Gregg Bleakney
Source: Pretty Damned Fast

Their package is “promising”

It’s safe to say that a toned cyclist in fitting lycra leaves very little to the imagination of a female who’s watching him race. And nothing will catch a woman’s attention more than the midsection.

When you combine this with the energy and endurance portrayed by competitors at the Tour de France, all you can look forward to is a long lasting and amazing sex life. A cyclist just offers you the complete package!

They are fit

According to cycling experts, professional riders generally spend around two to six hours training in a day. They also put up to 25,000 racing miles into their legs every year.

The result of all this exercise is a well-conditioned, toned, and sculpted body.  All that riding can work wonders on your calves, gluteal, and abs. And let’s face it…Very few ladies can resist a guy with muscles!

They are attractive

According to a study by an evolutionary biologist, Eric Postna, there is a link between people’s perception of a rider’s attractiveness and his success rate. While conducting interviews for the study, Postna concluded that cyclists who performed well in the Tour de France were generally deemed to be more attractive than fellow athletes.

He went further to reveal that the top 10% or riders are almost 25% more attractive than the bottom 10%. The message to ladies is that your cyclist boyfriend is not only a bonafide hunk but also at the peak of his game.

They enjoy traveling

Girls want a guy to sweep them off their feet and show them the beauty of the world. This is something they see in cyclists who are always exploring the outdoors on their bikes.

Because riders spend a lot of time wandering around, they naturally have a knack for great adventure spots. This is just the perfect match for a lonely lady longing for the outdoors and waiting for someone to elope with.

It all adds up…

I believe that by now we have decoded the mystery why girls are attracted to cyclists. But that’s not the only trend out here! European girls love cycling…and apparently, they are trying to find love on the streets!

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