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How To Grow An Instagram Organically From Scratch: The Two Most Important Steps!

We know that Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world. And so it is essential not only to have a great profile, but also one of the most visited and engaged. Learn today: how to grow an Instagram organically from scratch. So, follow the valuable information in this article, to know once and for all, how to grow your profile in an organic way.

First, understand the concept of “organic”…

Growing a profile in an organic way, means not paying to have an audience by visiting your profile, so use free techniques for greater visibility and number of followers. However, we point out that for the organic way, to effectively work, we need to use 2 valuable assets: Time and content.

Needless to say, how important time is, since this feature is not always available when we need it most.

And in the matter of content, know that you have to be related to the product you might be interested in advertising, or if you prefer to do store marketing or want to take pictures of your routine in order to attract more visitors.

With your goal in mind, now let’s take the valuable tips to organically grow your Instagram!

Instagram works with 2 types of profiles in its platform: the personnel and the commercial one. Here you choose the type that best suits you, remembering that in the commercial account, a greater number of information, graphs and metrics are offered to follow its evolution as Digital Influence.

We recommend using the business profile, so you can use 2 additional icons: Site and Description. In the “site” bar, you can add the URL of disclosure you want, as long as it is not against the rules and standards of the community. And in the “Description”, you can place a text explaining who you are, what the purpose of your profile, to make clear to the visitor.

Step 2 – Publish content!

It is important to nurture your Instagram profile with content. Be some photo or video of you, up to a tip or valuable information of your product. Post it 2 times a day, one in the morning and one in the evening! And of course in the caption of these photos, use one of the main features of this tool, the hashtag.

But how do you know if our content is really effective? We can see the number of likes and comments. But what if we have hundreds or thousands of content? Isn’t that tiring, checking the number of likes and comments on each one?

Here we need Combin!

Combin is a special tool for optimizing our Instagram organically. With this tool, we can adjust the range of likes and comments, knowing what type of content gets more likes and comments. Forget the tiring manual methods as we can do everything with Combin.

By knowing the most interesting content (in the eyes of our followers), we can prevent us from displaying unattractive content in the future. Not only checking likes and comments, Combin also allows us to analyze the most active (and also inactive) followers, based on gender, the language used and other factors, so that we can be more focused on targeting content.

There are still some other interesting features, but the function of checking the number of likes and comments and the function of analysis are the two most important things to optimize your Instagram.

Hopefully this article can help!

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