By Amelie Lawrence

One of the primary challenges for new engineers is the overlooked cost of shipping. This includes the costs associated with shipping the products to the customers, but also the cost of the products shipped to you. The entrepreneurs have to pay attention to various factors while starting a business.

They have to plan to reduce the money spent on various aspects of the business. Shipping accounts for a significant portion of the overall cost.

Look at the tips that will help you to reduce the cost of shipping and get the best shipping quote.

Bargain with Different Carriers

Most of the shipping companies quote the price based on the volume of the product. Thus, the more you ship, the less will be the amount that you have to spend. However, owners of small businesses fail to realize that they have the power to negotiate.

If you are shipping, a large number of packages then make sure that you compare the prices and persuade the logistics to lower the rate. If one logistics comes to know that the other logistics is vying for your business, you will get something to negotiate.

Use the Packages Offered by the Courier

If you are not using your own packaging, you might have to pay additional dimensional fees. In case of the size, they do not meet the given size regulation. For avoiding these extra charges, all you have to do is use a package provided by the logistics. This is because these do not have dimensional charges.

By putting a box in the logistics envelope, you will be able to save 15% of the cost.

Choose Online Shipping

One of the best ways to lower the shipping quote is paying for the shipping over the internet. This way you will be able to save up to 16% on the priority mail orders and 60% on the express mail. You might get a free pick up service even before the shipping supplies and delivery confirmation when you are paying online.

Opt for Regional Carriers

Regional carriers often offer the same services at a lower cost. However, business owners fail to consider them. While hiring them, you need to keep in mind that they have limited delivery network. You might not even have to negotiate if you split the business among several carriers.

Factor for All Shipping Fees in the Final Price

Shipping Quote

Carriers usually include 75% of the charges which comprises of,

· Fees when you need the signature of the recipient

· Fuel charges

· Saturday delivery charges

If your customer is paying for the shipping for the products, you need to make sure that you have included all these extra charges in the final bill. If you are failing to do that, you have to pay them yourself.

Opt for Hybrid Services

Even though hybrid services have some weight, volume, and size restriction, it will cost half as much as the standard shipping services. These services pick up your packages and then ship with the help of the standard logistics to ship it to the post office that is closest to the destination. Thereafter, the local mailman delivers the product. However, you need to keep in mind that this might slow down the delivery time.

Look for Shipment Refunds

Another way to get a low shipping quote is through the on-time shipment guarantees offered by the large logistics. While these shipping companies are incredibly efficacious, 2% of the time, they fail to meet the guarantees and you can get the entire money back. However, most of these refunds go unclaimed. You can recover some of the money through these refunds.

Shipping will remain a significant part of a business cost as long as the internet continues to inspire young entrepreneurs around the world.

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