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Vaping is more popular than ever with the UK government planning to phase out smoking by 2030. The trend has really caught up, with over 3 million vapers in Great Britain looking for new products and accessories all the time.

With so many vaping shops around, it can get challenging to find the right store to buy your vapes. That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you choose the perfect store for your shopping needs. These are the top vape shops in the UK, so you can confidently go ahead and make your purchase.

Top Vape Shops in the UK

  1. Vawoo

Vawoo is the leading vape marketplace in the UK, selling a wide selection of vaping products and accessories. The platform connects customers with manufacturers, sellers, retailers, wholesalers and e-liquid producers. You can buy all your vaping needs from one place without having to browse different stores.

Vawoo serves hundreds of customers in the UK who can discover the best vapes with a single click. You can get your hands on several top-selling brands and enjoy fabulous deals and discounts from time to time. The store sells vapes, e-liquids, vape parts, accessories, grinders, kits and more, acting as a one-stop-shop for vapers in the UK.


  • A wide selection of vaping products
  • Awesome deals and sales
  • Great customer service
  • Fast Delivery
  1. Vape UK

Vape UK is a reputed vape shop selling the best hardware from the best brands. You can buy vaporizers, e-cigs, kits, tanks, e-liquids, coils and more from the online store or physical shop in Brighton. You can browse a plethora of vaping products and check out customer reviews to determine the quality of the products. All the products are also TDP compliant, meeting the safety and quality requirements dictated by the law.

You can visit the store in Brighton and go for the ‘try before you buy’ option. The store has over 100 flavours for you to try out!


  • Free delivery in the UK
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Expert advice and assistance available
  1. is another popular online vape store in the UK. The store bagged the 2016 ‘Online Vape Store of the Year’ award from Ecigclick and known for its excellent customer service. You can buy e-cigs, e-liquids, vapes, kits, accessories and more conveniently from the comfort of your home.

The store offers same day dispatch for orders placed before 5 pm so that you can get your product the very next day. You can also give your mobile number to be able to track the driver too. Delivery details are also sent in real-time to your email or mobile number.


  • Same day shipping available
  • Free delivery in the UK for orders over £20
  • Earn exciting rewards points on each order
  1. Apollo E-Cigarettes

Apollo is a reputed e-cig brand both in the UK and the US. The company is known for its own brand of vaping products that offer the finest smoking experience. Apollo sells vaping kits targeted to beginners, intermediate and advanced smokers along with e-liquids, tanks and coils, batteries and accessories. You will find more than 400 types of e-liquids with varying flavours and strength.

The products are designed by vapers so that they can cater to the pain point of fellow vapers. You can always find upgraded products that align with the fast-changing nature of the vaping industry.


  • Well-known e-cig brand in the world
  • A wide selection of vapes, liquids, and accessories
  • Free UK shipping on orders over £30
  • Online support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  1. JAC Vapour

JAC Vapour is a top vape shop selling e-cigs and other vaping products. The products of the company are designed right here in the UK for the highest standards and quality. Since 2010, JAC Vapour has created a loyal customer base by offering quality, reliability, and performance.

The company also produces its own e-liquids with a range of flavours suitable for both beginners and advanced vapers. The platform is backed by 5-star customer support to resolve all your queries and provide assistance whenever you are in need.


  • Products designed in the UK
  • Reputed brand selling quality products
  • Free UK shipping on orders over £40
  1. Vapour2

Vapour2 has been selling vaping goods for a long time in the UK. The company sells its own range of vaping kits and e-cigs, which are known for their smoothness and rich smoking experience. You can also find matching products to vape dry herb or e-liquids.


  • Free shipping available
  • Years of experience selling vaping products
  • Customer support available through phone and chat

Final Thoughts

Vaping is becoming mainstream with each passing day. So go ahead and select your vaporizers from a shop that has good reviews and efficient customer service. You can also check out these vaporizers ready to help you make your transition from smoking to vaping.

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