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Travel: The Seven Best Attractions In Kentucky

For an immense time, Kentucky has remained an attractive place not only for its beautiful culture and varied geography but also for its imposing range of attractions. Popularly dubbed the Bluegrass State, Kentucky boasts dozens of attractions including spectacular caves, natural springs and lovely parks.

If you’re damn bent on finding out some of Kentucky’s gorgeous attractions, rest assured that this very article is the content you definitely need. Finally, below are the 7 best attractions in Kentucky in no particular order.

Kentucky Horse Park

Considered one of the best attractions for lovers of equestrian activities, the Kentucky Horse Park boasts a decent number of exciting features such as the Big Barn which accommodates draft horses. In reality, this horse park is a fascinating place for individuals and families to make the most out of horse riding: perhaps they get to practice equestrian skills and enjoy the sight of a functional horse farm.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park is considered one of Kentucky’s most revered attractions. It was established by Thomas Lincoln, father of Abraham Lincoln. Situated on the one-time site of Sinking Springs Farm, the Memorial Building was mapped out by architect John Russell Pope and it elegantly houses the Symbolic Birth Cabin –a typical specimen of the single-room birth home of Abraham Lincoln.

Rupp Arena

Kentucky boasts an enviable tradition as a basketball-oriented State and quite frankly, Rupp Arena is one great attraction that testifies to this. A 25,000-seat basketball facility that opened in 1976, Rupp Arena commands uniqueness as the largest US arena mainly designed for basketball. Aside from its primary use for basketball games, Rupp Arena has long remained an exciting place for people to host conventions, shows and concerts. Check Rupp Arena seating chart if you are planning to attend an event in this arena.

Louisville Mega Cavern

Particularly for avid lovers of biking and certain other adventurous activities, Louisville Mega Cavern is one great attraction centre that symbolizes the beauty of Kentucky’s aura. Situated beneath Louisville, this cavernous structure previously served as a limestone quarry and actively remained a mining ground until the 1970s.

Lost River Cave

Located in Bowling Green Kentucky, Lost River Cave not only typifies the beauty of nature but also showcases the uniqueness of Kentucky’s karst geology. Ranging from the exploration of nature trails to the boat tour of a large cave, Lost River Cave does have a generous number of intriguing activities suitable for both adults and kids.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Situated in the southwest of Kentucky, the Mammoth Cave stretches along the Caveland Corridor and it’s generously characterized by different kinds of karstic features. Prettily, it commands fame as one of the world’s largest cave structures as it boasts over 400 miles of passages. Some of the exciting features that attract people to the Mammoth Cave are the Ruins of Karnak, the Mammoth Dome, Frozen Niagra, Crystal Lake and the Snowball Dining Room.

Muhammad Ali Centre

If you’re finding monumental artistic works that will help keep the memory of Muhammad Ali alive, it behooves you to visit the Muhammad Ali Centre which features multimedia presentations, historic films, artifacts and lots more. The significant works of Muhammad Ali are worthy of remembrance and prettily, the renowned Muhammad Ali Centre is just the epitome of the memorable works the great boxer has contributed.

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