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UEFA Champions League: Will Jozy Altidore Make An Impact At Sunderland?

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Thanks to a recent move to English side Sunderland, Jozy Altidore has a chance to make an impact.

The 23-year-old Altidore was recently bought by Sunderland for £6 million from Dutch side AZ Alkmaar, will be his second stint in the Premier League.  His first came when he was sent on loan to Hull City from Spanish side Villarreal.  He was greatly disappointing in that season only netting once in 28 appearances.

This time, Altidore is coming into the Premier League full of confidence and experience.  In his time at AZ Alkmaar, his knowledge of the game grew as well as his finishing ability.

Much wiser and more mature, Altidore now understands when to hold the ball up, slow down play and when to strike for a quick counter, which makes him a deadly striker.

In his last two seasons he has scored 20 and 31 times proving he is very efficient in front of goal.

Also, Altidore has been paying extremely well in international play for the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT), which is more comparable to the Premier League speed and physicality of play than the Dutch League.

Altidore has scored four goals in his last four games played for the Yanks. His excellent form in international games should translate well to the Premier League style and pace of play.

Sunderland, who only scored 41 goals in the Premier League, must have Altidore step up and make an impact quickly. Altidore will have plenty of opportunities to score, as he will be the best available option at center forward for the Black Cats.

If Altidore uses what he has learned in the Dutch league and playing for USMNT he will become an instant success in the Premier League.

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