I’m not too sure if I’d want another season of Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, the show was damn entertaining, but it never really hit the spot. Although, that shouldn’t stop you from watching the first season.


A lot of Netflix users claim that Beastmaster is a rip-off of American Ninja Warrior, and it is. The show centers around an obstacle course that’s designed for only the toughest of competitors. It’s not all a knock-off, though, as there are some elements to the show which are unique.

A key element of Beastmaster that sets it apart are the competing countries. Unlike American Ninja Warrior, Beastmaster sees its competitors not only represent themselves but their home nation as well. Featured on the show are South Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil, all of which use their own set of commentators ( America’s commentating team consists of Terry Crews and Charissa Thompson.)

I’ll admit that I don’t watch American Ninja Warrior. However, after watching Beastmaster I’m going to start. I don’t know if fans of Ninja Warrior will claim Beastmaster a better show, but as a novice to obstacle course competition shows, I found it to be enjoyable.

On the contrary, I thought Beastmaster was a tad repetitive. The obstacles never seemed to change, aside from a few minor additions on selected episodes. And while I understand having commentators from each country, it sometimes felt a little over the top.

Ultimate Beastmaster isn’t the best original programming from Netflix, although it’s definitely an attempt to try something different. Without seeing competing shows such as American Ninja Warrior, it’s hard to give an honest review. I’ll say this much, it’s good for those who want to change up their Netflix routine with something other than dramas, comedies, or action shows.

I don’t know if I want another season of Ultimate Beastmaster, although I’d certainly give it another try if there is.

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